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In this week’s video I discuss some reasons why weight loss won’t make you happy. Maybe this is not news to you but I have seen so many women equate a certain size to happiness.

If I think back to my own issues with weight loss and looking back to times when I was smaller or my ‘ideal size’ I was never really happy. Today I am pretty much the same size as my ‘ideal’ but my relationship to my body and how I feel at this particular size is very different.

I came to ‘my healthy’ in a sustainable holistic way without deprivation and with a lot of inner work. You can check out more about my story here.

What I’ve learned over time is that you need to accept yourself where you are at and decide to do good things for yourself and stop trying to fit into a prescribed mould that you are telling yourself to fit into.  Usually when we are trying to get to a certain weight we punish ourselves. This can be with food deprivation (no fat, no carbs, no chocolate) or just deprivation in general. We won’t buy the clothes we want or treat ourselves as well as we want to until we reach that goal.

I say be the goal now. Dress well, eat well, live well, wear pink lipstick – whatever you are depriving yourself of now, do it!

This is how you become happy whether you lose weight or not. The funny thing is once you stop using all that energy you devote to punishing yourself you start living life more and your body will start rebalancing.

Check out the video below for more insights.

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Holistic Nutritionist.