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Testimonials from Clients


User Experience Designer, Toronto, ON


Nurse Practitioner, Podcaster, Actor, New York City, New York

How did you feel before working with Michelle?
Very uncomfortable in my body. I felt like I had given up on myself and my health. I wanted to change, but just couldn’t. I was binging daily and not caring about what was happening to my body. I felt like everything I tried to do to lose weight was not working and I was ready to give up. I felt that I was being pressured by people in my life to go on weight loss medications. I was hesitant because of side effects, but also I was afraid to lose weight without fixing what was wrong on the inside. I was afraid that it would start a yo-yo diet or I would have to be on this medication for the rest of my life.
How do you feel now?
I have been feeling amazing since starting but this program, but specifically since we did a few somatic meditations sessions. I feel that those were the most impactful to me because I had not addressed multiple traumatic things that had happened in my past. I thought that going to therapy was going to solve all my problems – but I realized that the wounds were much deeper than what I had originally thought. Michelle helped me realize that there is a possibility to change my habits and there wasn’t anything wrong with me – I just hadn’t learned how to properly cope with my feelings. I truly think that what she’s taught me are skills that I can use for the rest of my life in tough situations so that I do not go back to old habits.
What changes have you noticed in your stress levels, body, life, health, emotional eating?
I initially noticed a change in my digestion and bowel movements almost instantly. The second I started drinking the daily smoothie and getting more greens in, my IBS lowered significantly. There were times were I wasn’t having the smoothie or did not eat the healthiest during this program, and noticed a difference in my digestion right away. My bowel movements became very normal and consistent, which wasn’t something I had experienced in years. I’m able to regulate my stress levels and emotional eating now by using the resources that are provided in the program. My mental health has improved so much since the start of this program, which has in turn helped my physical health.
Would you recommend The Emotional Eating Evolution Program?
YES! I believe in this program because anyone who has struggled with their weight or emotional eating knows what it’s like to look at other people and wonder why it is so easy for them to eat a normal amount of food without a second thought every day. It automatically makes you think that there is something wrong with you or you just don’t care enough. When in reality, you probably have some unresolved trauma that you are covering up by using food to cope. I have been on and off in therapy for years and no one had ever made that connection. I had been made to believe I just didn’t want it enough or didn’t care about my health. This program truly helps you to understand both how to take better care of yourself and why it was so difficult for you to do in the first place. It helps you regulate your emotions so that you are not reaching for that huge amount of food that doesn’t satisfy you or make you feel good.
I want to thank Michelle for creating this program. I have been going to therapy for years and was still struggling on the daily with why I feel so terrible about myself and why I was binging every single night. Within the first few weeks of the program, I had some revelations of traumatic things that happened to me that helped me understand why I use food as a coping mechanism. In just these few weeks of being a part of this program, I feel that I have become a different person. I am now making promises and goals to myself and I am sticking to them. I am standing up for myself in my relationships and work situations. I have stopped binging on food daily and drinking a really unhealthy amount of alcohol. Overall, I feel amazing since starting this program and am extremely grateful for the tools I have learned. I will continue to use the resources and mediations to improve my life. Anyone who has ever struggled with their weight and feels like there is nothing left for you, you must try this program!

New York, NY

How did you feel before working with Michelle?
Feelings of defeat and hopelessness were always a daily struggle. I felt like I was never going to find answers to my constant battle with emotional eating.
I even felt at times that my issue was just me and that I was probably making it up. I also felt at times that I was fine but something just never felt right about it regardless of the lies I told myself.
I wondered if there would even ever be answers to my -what I thought was- my never ending struggle that would also be budget friendly or at least a fair price. I didn’t think that it would be possible to find a solution.
Why did you feel that way?
Everything I tried kept leading me down the same path after a few tries or even after awhile. The same struggles would come back so I thought it was me not being disciplined enough or good enough to do something worthy for myself. Little did I know was that everything I tried just kept leading me down the same black hole.
How did The Emotional Eating Evolution Program help change your relationship with food, your body, your emotions and your life? 
Wow! ok. Let’s try to do this in order. The Emotional Eating Evolution Program helped change my relationship with food by getting me to realize what was the root cause of my emotional eating. It was just that-EMOTIONAL! I would eat without knowing I was doing it at times. The program helped uncover some of those emotions that were stored deep inside that I would’ve never realized on my own that there was even a problem. Digging deep into that through meditation and guidance from Michelle, surely helped peel away layers of childhood trauma and realize where all my emotional eating was coming from.
The program helped change my relationship with my body by doing all the emotional work. Doing the emotional work (meditations, guidance, etc.) is what gets you in tune with your body and helps you realize what your body wants and needs. Don’t get me wrong, there are still times I feel like I fall back into emotional eating here and there but it’s nothing like when I started the program. I have gone a few weeks with only have had a so called “episode of emotional eating” just one or two times instead of everyday and every meal. THAT’S HUGE for me! In knowing that, I realized all along my body was craving fresh foods and less of the processed foods. That’s why I always felt bad, bloated or sick at times. Now, I recognize the signals of true hunger and I feed my body when it needs it. I do still have my burgers and fries and they are a treat when I have them but that isn’t all I crave now. I also crave fruits, veggies, salads…like…who am I?!
This was all unraveled by the amazing Michelle and the what I call “Magical” work she does. She knows what she is talking about and does it with such grace, patience, and no judgement.
Regarding my relationship with my emotions? Well, I now take the time to sit with them and process through them. I do this with meditation and through a series of questions that Michelle suggests in the program. Do I still have my moments? Absolutely! But the key here is that I now have the tools to get through my emotions. I have the. knowledge of what to do with them. And that is something I never even could’ve imagined would be so good for my soul.
My life is so much better. I don’t think about food 24/7 anymore. I plan out my lunches for the week and my dinners for the week but I only eat when I am hungry and I only eat what my body wants. I don’t overeat emotionally and that in my life has been truly impactful because no other program has been able to do this without telling you to count calories or go on a diet. Instead, you learn how to listen to your body and know what it needs and you get to eat everything and anything…no judgement.
Thank you Michelle! There aren’t enough words to show you my gratitude for this amazing program and the wonderful work that you do.
You have truly changed my life and the program was worth every penny, every effort and every time spent doing all the steps. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
When I saw the ad on Instagram for the Emotional Eating Program, I was skeptical about checking it out since nothing in the past worked, no matter what I did. But something seemed different about this one.
When I submitted to have a free chat with Michelle, I figured I wasn’t committing to anything by just chatting to get answers and more information regarding the program. Once that initial chat with Michelle happened and she gave me an in depth idea of what the program included, I figured, what do I have to lose.
I started my journey on the program and it changed my life. My view about food changed, i gained a better insight of why I was an emotional eater and although I wasn’t a real bad case, in my eyes, I was.
Because I restricted myself from a lot of things and all I could do was think about food. I wouldn’t go somewhere without first eating because I felt like I was depriving myself of something. I then learned that I didn’t have to be this way and then I realized why I was feeling this way and my eyes were opened to a true reality that I would’ve never imagined.
I had no idea of how much my past had such an attachment to my emotional eating. Once we tackled that, it was a game changer for me. Everything started to shift and it continues shifting as the days go by. Do I have bad days? Absolutely. But that doesn’t stop me because I know how to overcome it and what to do to get out of it. And that, is something I will never regret that I learned from Michelle because of The Emotional Eating Evolution Program.

Davenport, Florida

How did you feel before working with Michelle?
I felt frustrated and without hope.
Why did you feel that way? 
I had tried to control my eating in many different ways but have never had any lasting success.
How did The Emotional Eating Evolution Program help change your relationship with food, your body, your emotions and your life?
I feel like I am in control over what I eat not that the food is in control of me. I feel calmer. I may choose to eat as a distraction but I am aware now that I am doing it and it is intentional. It happens very infrequently. Instead I am acknowledging my feelings and not burying them.
I am honestly shocked by the efficacy of Michelle’s Emotional Eating program! I expected to tap into my emotions and maybe learn a bit but I did not expect to actually stop mindlessly emotionally eating.
I feel no sense of loss or hunger or jealousy that others can eat things that I can’t. I eat everything I want to. I enjoy what I eat. Occasionally I choose to self-soothe with food but I no longer lose control. It is an amazing achievement.
Michelle was a pleasure to work with. She is non-judgemental. She is calming and open and kind. I felt supported. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to address mindless overeating. Thank you Michelle!

Lawyer, Toronto, ON

How did you feel before working with Michelle?
Before working with Michelle, I felt completely out of control with my eating.
Why did you feel that way?
I felt that way, because I felt like I had no way of managing my binge eating and feeling like crap afterwards. I felt like I was on a hamster wheel with no resolution in site.
How did The Emotional Eating Evolution Program help change your relationship with food, your body, your emotions and your life?
I knew I had emotional eating concerns, but did not realize a lot of my issues were related to unresolved trauma from my childhood. Michelle helped me work through those issues, through the somatic meditations and now I have a better understanding of why I am an emotional eater.
What specific feature did you like best about the program?
I loved the somatic meditations! Every time we completed a session, I felt the change in my body. It was so powerful.
Before working with Michelle, I felt completely out of control with eating. I tried so many diets and even had gastric sleeve surgery, but I still could not understand why I could not gain control of my eating concerns. Once I realized I was an emotional eater, I had to process that fact that all the things I tried in the past would have never resolved the real issue.
Working with Michelle has opened my eyes to the fact that my emotional eating was related to unresolved trauma in my life. I was ignoring those traumatic events and trying to keep moving on with my life. I’m so thankful Michelle was able to help me get to the root of some of the traumatic things that have taken place in my life, as well as acknowledge my emotions.
This program has changed my life and the way I view eating. I’m still on this journey, but Michelle has opened my eyes to taking care of myself by being mindful of what I eat, as well as being gentle with myself when I have the urge to emotionally eat. I’m so thankful for Michelle!

Nurse Practitioner, New York

“This program helped me to focus on the inner work and healing that was impacting me and contributing to my emotional eating…
I am so much more open and aware of the manifestations of stress and trauma in my body. This program really works at freeing the pain blocks kept inside. Michelle has immense insight into the psyche specifically around food and it’s uses of coping that you will learn so much about yourself. The somatic sessions were so peaceful and healing and I recommend them to anyone who needs some healing and love.”

Nurse Practitioner, Toronto, ON

How did you feel before working with Michelle?
Before working with Michelle, I felt lost in how to proceed with health in a world that inundates women with messages about food, diet and worth; confused as to why I couldn’t release myself from the hold that food held over me and frustrated that traditional diets never answered my questions about how to have a healthy relationship with food, focusing only on restriction and willpower.
How did The Emotional Eating Evolution Program help change your relationship with food, your body, your emotions and your life?
This program helped me develop a new dialogue with my body through food and processing emotions in a way that is more holistic and profound. At the beginning of the program it became clear that I had spent so many years numbing feelings with food that I could no longer sense true hunger or properly recognize that my digestion impacted so much of my mood.
I had resigned myself to being emotionally depressed, sad and withdrawn as well as physically uncomfortable with persistent stomach ailments and irritability.
During the program I have been able to learn how to help my digestion and lessen the physical toll that my emotional eating had been putting on my body. The biggest difference in how I feel in my body is experiencing the long lasting benefits of foods that nourish vs the temporary numbness of emotional eating that kept me in a cycle of self loathing, judgement and despair. I am also working more constructively with the areas of my life that are triggers to my emotional eating, setting new boundaries and feeling more capacity to heal these areas of my life.
What are some big wins/ahas that you had after working with Michelle?
I had slipped into a place where I was accustomed to minimizing my needs and feelings or simply numbing them. The combination of exercises of self reflection into our attributes and assets offered a space where I could remind myself that I am worthy and deserving of care and respect. Speaking the lists out loud was a profound and impactful reminder that began as an awkward and almost insincere exercise and the more I listened, the more it transformed into an empowering and rewarding testament to me as a person.
How do you feel now?
I feel more connected to my body than I ever have. I have a new respect and love for my body as it is today as well as all the forms it has had throughout my life. It feels as though a part of me has been awakened to help guide and teach me how to continue in truly recognizing the relationship between my inner thoughts and my outer form.
What changes have you noticed in your stress levels, body, life, health, emotional eating? Think back to when you first started the program compared to now. 
I’ve noticed that I feel more in line with my genuine self, I feel more confident and more driven. I am better able to accomplish tasks that I had been procrastinating on for a long while. I have also been more assertive with safeguarding my own needs and boundaries which has in turn introduced some stress and tension with some relationships.
These relationships were/are a cause of emotional triggers for me, and although I have known for some time that they were unhealthy, it is only now that I have finally begun to truly address them. I have also noticed that in dealing with these issues that food does not play the same role as it used to. I have spent more time actually in my feelings in the past couple months than I believe I have in many years. I have an appreciation for feeling situations and emotions in my body and knowing that I am capable of caring for myself to work through these times.
The somatic meditations have been instrumental in achieving this mindset. I have gone from feeling powerless to food and my emotions to knowing that I have resources within myself with meditation to support and meet these needs.
I’m so grateful to have found Michelle and her program. Before learning about Michelle’s work, I was caught in a spiral of diets, books, programs and methods that failed to place value on the many aspects that contributed to my emotional eating.
Michelle’s program skillfully combines her knowledge of nutrition, meditation, somatic psychotherapy, trauma, body acceptance and self care to help teach me how to identify and meet my own needs emotionally, nutritionally and mentally.
Michelle’s program has a great deal of information but doesn’t overwhelm. It is presented with warmth, kindness and understanding, which instantly made me feel at ease from the very fist lesson.
Michelle’s gentle guidance and compassion helped me to reconnect with my body, process the emotions and judgements that I held onto for many years and to truly evolve in my relationship with food. I am feeling the nutritional benefits of food again, and have replaced using food to numb emotions with enjoying food for its vitality and vibrancy. I know that the skills and wisdom gained from Michelle’s program will continue to help me evolve on my journey of self care.

Vancouver, BC

How did The Emotional Eating Evolution Program help change your relationship with food, your body, your emotions and your life? 
I let it go. All of the judgment and obsessiveness. The program helped me with body acceptance. It’s a daily effort, but I’m continually reminding myself of the need to live without harsh judgement and honor and love myself inside and out.
Food is no longer a bomb that creates good or bad feelings. My health isn’t attached to having a serving of potato chips. I am understanding what feels good in my body and realizing its ok to indulge in foods that may not bring any value other than enjoyment once in a while.
Most importantly, my health is a journey. Not a race, not stressful, not panicked. A journey of making diet choices 80% of the time that provide me with nutrients, energy and well being. It’s definitely not about perfection.
It’s about moving everyday, it’s about self-care, honouring my emotions and allowing them to flow. It’s about living my authentic life.
For anyone wanting to get off the emotional roller coaster of diet brain and emotional eating it’s a great program!

Greater Toronto Area, ON

How did you feel before working with Michelle?
out of control/defeated
Why did you feel that way?
trying to will-power my way out/not addressing the underlying issues
“This program has saved my life. The education/meditation approach was invaluable – after decades of struggling with body image, self-loathing, obsessive behaviour and feeling out of control- I am calm, accepting, have tools that are practical and am free from all-consuming thoughts of food that have kept me stuck for years.
Michelle has my deepest gratitude.

Vice President, Toronto, ON

“This program was transformational for me! 
Connecting the layers that have fed into my nutritional habits and emotional eating has paved the way for true growth.
I’m excited by the work I’ve done, new nutritional practices and alleviation of several symptoms I was feeling as a result of not feeding the body what it needed to be the miracle it is!  
Thank you Michelle for your guidance and expertise, it is truly appreciated!”

Chiropractor, Toronto, ON

Before I hired Michelle, I was so tired of my emotional/chocolate eating and binging that I needed to do something. Because of this emotional eating I was always gaining weight and yo-yo dieting (self-image issues!). I was ashamed that I was able to lose weight and then gain in back fast…a real cycle for years!
I found Michelle on Facebook and I decided to book a free consultation with her. Right away I had a good feeling; she pays so much attention to what we tell her and her voice is so soft and relaxed!
The first week I started with Michelle, I did what she told me to do and I saw a difference right away! The lemon water every morning, the probiotics, the food combination, the real hunger cues….wow! That “nourish your body” part is crucial. I felt so better/so more satisfied with my meals without eating more.
Then, the meditation started….this was hard for me to open up and dive deep in my emotions but I became so more aware now of my triggers and emotions that make me going into the chocolate! This is a huge WIN. I still have work to do but Michelle was so good with helping me in that area as well. She gave me tools.
My aha moment is probably during our last call when Michelle made me realize that I’m a pleaser who has not set her boundaries! Wow..took me that long to learn that!
Finally, this program changed me, and it is not an easy journey to stop eating chocolate to numb my emotions, but I have the tools now to help me. I feel great and more confident around food, and also in my body as it is. Thank you so much Michelle!

Vancouver, BC

For the last two decades of my life, I have struggled with weight issues, emotional eating and low self-esteem. I was not happy with myself or my body. I tried different approaches to becoming healthier but nothing really stuck with me. 
I found out about Michelle through Instagram. I have been following her on Instagram for the last couple of years. I was always fascinated by her green smoothie recipes, holistic approach to nutrition and her lifestyle. I booked a mini complimentary appointment with her and after speaking to her, it just felt right to embark on a new journey.
When I was filling out the intake questionnaire prior to our first appointment, one of the questions was ‘What are you expecting from this nutrition program?’ The question itself was a big eye opener for me. I realized that I was not looking to just lose weight. I wanted a lasting change, I wanted a lifestyle change. I wanted to feel good about myself and my body. I wanted to feel confident when I walked down the street and not hide or cringe because I felt ashamed in my body.
I am so glad that I signed up with Michelle and completed her program. Michelle helped me connect to the part of myself which felt alone, neglected and hidden. The somatic meditations during our sessions helped me uncover a lot of blocks within myself which I was not able to see by myself. 
Her program also made me realize that progress is made in small steps, one day at a time and it is okay to not be perfect. You just have to keep marching forward.
I learned a lot of plant based nutrition. I feel a lot better now than I did before. I learned many things about myself which has helped me grow as a person. I ended up completing her program twice as I needed the support.
Michelle is a gentle soul who has patience, determination and a vast sea of knowledge to help you change your life around if you are willing to work on yourself.

Financial Services, Barrie, ON

I’m so glad that I decided to work with Michelle.  I originally just wanted to make some simple dietary changes to feel more energetic during the day but what I ended up getting by the end of the 12 week program was so much more than that.
My skin cleared up, I lost weight and I was able to create really healthy habits that will serve me for the rest of my life.
I used to hate cooking but now I’ve learned to make a few really simple and healthy meals on sunday nights so that I always have nutritious and tasty options available throughout the week.
Michelle also helped me so much with my emotional eating. 
She really helped me see what feelings were beneath my food cravings and supported me in facing those emotions and finding healthier ways to handle them.
While I was working with Michelle I was going through a difficult breakup and she was so supportive and encouraging.  Her energy is so warm and uplifting and I always felt better after a call with her.
I highly recommend working with Michelle!  Not only is she super knowledgeable and fun but she can help you through the tough emotions that prevent you from reaching your health goals.
Thank you Michelle for all of your help!! 🙂
Alanna L.

HR Specialist, Toronto, ON

Working with Michelle came at a great time for me. I was feeling very discouraged with my health concerns and was lacking the motivation to make any real strides to solve them.

Right after our first call I knew I wanted to work with Michelle. She is so easy to talk to and I felt so comfortable with her from the beginning.

Since working with Michelle I am much more in tune with myself and my body, and my relationship with food. Her guided meditations were invaluable to me and opened me up to feelings I had let go and ignored – allowing me to face them in a positive way.

I got so much more out of this 12-week program than I could’ve imagined and I’m super grateful that I got to work with her.

I would highly recommend her services if you’re looking to begin your self-care and self-love journey. I will be practicing what Michelle taught me for the rest of my life.

Sam L.

Graphic Designer, Toronto, ON

How did you feel before working with Michelle?

“Mostly depressed, very lost and anxious about everything, especially social interactions.

I suffered from low self-esteem, body-dysmorphia, binge eating, occasional laxative abuse, constant bloating, low energy and strength, constant knee pain at the end of a day, and also I experienced insomnia because of the anxieties, just to name a few things.

These things obviously affected my everyday condition; my mood, character and especially my interest in studies and life.

I haven’t been looking after myself for a while, was addicted to coffee, restricting my food intake and sometimes smoking. I had been quite successful and healthy on a plant-based diet for more than one and a half years; it started in 2014, and during this time, I was the healthiest, carefree and energized I’ve even been. But due to my past of body dysmorphia and anorexia in my teenage years, I unconsciously slipped back to bad habits (coffee, cigarettes, calorie restriction, fat phobia), without understanding their consequences and still believing that my diet and lifestyle are really good and healthy, as most of my food is plant-based.

Obviously it wasn’t, as I wasn’t really taking a good care of myself and was mostly focused on restrictions, which led to bingeing afterwards. This lifestyle with some good days, but mostly with constant feeling of misery and despair, affected me physically and mentally and in half a year resulted into a serious injury.

I broke my wrist really badly while snowboarding in January 2017 and was told by doctors to expect an operation.

It was a big wake-up call for me and I realized the importance of my health. My priorities switched to finding a good plant-based nutritionist and follow their guidance, as self-education stopped working for me and I couldn’t understand what to do with myself and who to listen to anymore.”

How did working with Michelle help change your relationship with food and your life?

“Michelle’s program and support helped me realize that I am not the only one who had experienced this, it is reversible and it is not the fault of a plant-based diet, of course, but rather poor knowledge of how to follow it to get best results. I also realized that even a small change in my diet can make a huge difference in my health and overall feeling.

Michelle explained me how to start listening to my body and understand what is true hunger. Also I realized the importance of water and greens in my everyday life and how to successfully combine foods to eliminate bloating, heaviness and a phantom feeling of fullness.

I stopped smoking, got rid of coffee and other caffeine based drinks, which gave me phantom feeling of energy and I thought were suppressing my hunger; but in reality reflected in headaches, insomnia, depression, binging and addiction to these drinks.

I learned how to listen to my body and take a good care of it by hydration, good food and proper food combining.

I healed my wrist completely and had no operation, and started doing yoga even earlier the time that the doctors said I would be able to.

Most importantly, I finally understood how to thrive on plant-based diet, eat abundantly without feeling guilty and sluggish and have lots of energy.”

How do you feel now?

“I feel very strong and energized every day! My mood is stable, my social anxiety is almost gone. I still have some bad days, but now I know how to deal with them and not allow those feeling to affect my mood or sleep. I am not depressed and lethargic any more, and I gained back my desire to be active and explore again. I can’t say that all my insecurities and problems are now gone, I carry them from my childhood and it is a long process of overcoming them on which I now have energy to work. But I definitely can say that I feel more connected to my body and confident that now I am on the right track.”

Anastasia T.

OCAD Student + Illustrator

I worked with Michelle for 12 weeks and the experience was life-changing.
She was able to guide me through a variety of sustainable changes that I could make, given my busy work and family schedule.
Her knowledge, guidance and continued support gave me the confidence I needed to make healthy meals and make better nutritional choices.
This ultimately led to an increase in energy,  I was able to lose 10 pounds and feel much more confident in my own skin.

Therapist, Toronto, ON

“I’ve generally always been an active person that maintains a strict fitness routine about 5-6 times a week, so my energy levels have always been moderately high.

However, I’ve recently started to focus on my eating habits to better control my diet intake.

Around this time, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Michelle’s three-day cleanse. I was excited to try this cleanse in order to reset my body and further explore ways to improve my diet.

Within the first day of the cleanse, I automatically felt lighter, but still had high energy levels – so much that I did an intense yoga class where I felt stronger and more flexible!

After the cleanse, I felt re-energized and found that I had lost some weight (a nice bonus!).

The main thing I learned from the cleanse was how to mindfully intake food – slowly chewing and swishing around smoothies/juices in the mouth rather than gulping them down as I used to. I also started incorporating some of my favorite smoothie/juicing recipes that I was introduced to during the cleanse into my daily eating routine. I think it’s a great idea to give the body a rest from solid foods every once in a while to reset it and detoxify it, so I will definitely be adding this cleanse routine to my life routine!

Thanks to Michelle for being so supportive and guiding me on this exploratory journey 🙂

Purnata S.

Healthcare Policy Researcher, Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

“I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to get to know Michelle as she has had such a positive impact on my life. She has helped me understand the connection between mental and physical health by sharing her wealth of information and knowledge.

Michelle’s personalized strategies and tips have enabled me to reach a new level of physical health and fitness and helped me find clarity and peace in a stressful world. I have worked with many practitioners but I believe what makes Michelle the most effective is that she truly lives the lifestyle she promotes to others. With a strong scientific background, Michelle has a profound understanding of health and illness at a physiological level.

Her passion for healthy living, positive energy, and in-depth experiential knowledge makes her a leader and agent of change. I would recommend her in an instant to anyone who wants to make any health related changes in their life. Her positive and vibrant personality will make you feel comfortable discussing your concerns and support you in making sustainable change.”

Courtney B.

ER Nurse + Marathon Runner

I recently used Michelle’s holistic nutritional consulting services for the first time this year. Having known Michelle since high school, I was confident she would provide expertise in getting my health back on track. She was very thorough and detail oriented with the assessment and treatment plan that followed. She was always there to answer my questions I had about modifying the plan or supplements or even just random health inquiries.

I was very happy with the guidance I received and would recommend her services.

Aamna H.

Teacher + Massage Therapist

I have attended a ‘Beauty from the Inside Out’ seminar that was hosted by Michelle and I found it to be a very informative and helpful learning experience. Michelle taught about the different food combinations and how they can affect your digestion and metabolism. She also explained a lot about how good and bad foods can affect your appearance and well being, and we talked a lot about organics and the Dirty Dozen chemicals. I learned so much that I found myself taking notes so I could remember it all!

Since then, I’ve adopted a healthier skin care routine, and I like the results!

I love Michelle’s blog and although I’ve been lazy since I got pregnant, I have often referred to it when I am looking for ways to have good healthy food without compromising on flavour. Michelle has a wealth of information and it is always easy to get useful information and good advice from her. I hope more people can benefit from her knowledge!

Saadiaa K.

Social Worker

What a delightful, informative, fun and delicious afternoon. Thank you Michelle for putting together such a wonderful class. I’ve attended two classes with LALL Nutrition and have put all that I learned to good use already. We learned to make dark chocolate biscotti at her healthy desserts class and they are now a favourite with my coworkers. Michelle is incredibly knowledgeable and a wonderful teacher.  I highly recommend this experience to anyone who is looking to learn about health and wellness.

Sabina N.

Clinical Trials Coordinator

I have been to a few workshops given by L.A.L.L. Nutrition and each time, I’ve let with tips and strategies that I can use right away to eat and live healthier. The workshops have a hands on component in which you put all that you have learned that day into practice in Michelle’s very own kitchen and you realize how easy it can be to make changes to your own lifestyle. I would recommend these workshops to anyone wanting to make healthy changes, big or small, to their daily life!

Nazish N.

Teacher, Peel Board of Education