Hello love,

I wanted to share more about the difference between treating symptoms vs. the root cause of emotional eating.

Most emotional eaters want to get a handle on their emotional eating but use surface level solutions to treat the symptoms. 

Symptoms like: 

  • feeling out of control of your body
  • feeling out of control of your hunger
  • not enough will power
  • weight gain
  • inflammatory conditions (like pain, diabetes, etc.)
  • digestive issues, etc.

You might think diet and exercise is the solution. They are surface level solutions but they don’t get to the root.

When you use these surface level solutions and they don’t work you feel defeated + like a failure and your willpower runs out. So you give up and start the cycle all over again. This was my story too.

It’s not a lack of willpower it’s that you’re not getting to the root. 

Emotional eating is when you use food to cope with your uncomfortable emotions. Then when it starts impacting your life you think you have to control your addiction to food, your body or your incessant hunger. 

Over time you start to notice the symptoms of using this coping strategy. Feeling out of control around food + your body, gaining weight, binge eating, etc. 

So you think a new diet or exercise plan will help. I don’t blame you. It’s what is marketed to us ad nauseam. 

The latest quick fix or solution. A magic bullet. Am I right?

But it’s a band aid and it doesn’t get to the root. And is not sustainable. 

So, what is the deeper root cause of our emotional eating?

There are 3 main areas we need to address:

  1. True Nourishment
  2. Body Acceptance
  3. Emotional Wellness

We need to look at these 3 areas to get a sustainable change and resolve our emotional eating at the root. Check out the video above where I cover more details. 

To sustainable change,


Certified Holistic Nutritionist + Emotional Eating Expert. 

P.S. If you resonate with what I’ve shared and are ready to commit to moving past your emotional eating you can apply for The Emotional Eating Evolution Program HERE. I look forward to connecting!