Hello love,

Today I wanted to dive in and talk about emotional eating and trauma. 

Trauma and emotional eating are intricately connected and it is the doorway to your evolution. To that vibrancy, ease and peace in your body. Literally.

On my own journey with emotional eating I had no clue what trauma was, about emotions about any of this. 

I wish someone would have just sat me down and told me all of this. 

I’m sure you were given the same advice I was. Control food, control your body and that’s the path to acceptance. Because socially if you are xyz you’re good.

Not really. 

I personally didn’t come from a household that could navigate their emotions, it was pretty dysfunctional. So I was left to my own devices, which food was one of them. 

And I’m not alone. 95% of families are on a spectrum of dysfunction. This doesn’t need to scare you, it’s just were we are at as a society. 

Let’s use this information to empower us!

Maybe that’s why you’ve been using food, maybe that’s why you haven’t been feeling good enough…there’s something greater going on here.

On my journey I tried all the conventional things but it didn’t work. The diets, exercise, therapy, chiropractor, nutritionist, etc…

But there was no talk about trauma and it living in the body. 

I had to discover what worked especially as I flipped my whole life, moved from Toronto to Korea, changed jobs and was triggered more than ever in a country that I didn’t speak the language. 

Check out more in the video at these timestamps:

  • 4:30 Shifting thoughts but not having embodied resolution
  • 5:57 Changing everything intensified my emotional eating
  • 6:57 From mind to triggers in the body
  • 7:32 What is trauma and how it connects to emotional eating
  • 8:55 Societal messaging around emotions 
  • 9:53 How we begin to cope with food
  • 11:18 What is trauma on the spectrum
  • 12:30 Triggered Trauma leads to emotional eating but is the doorway to evolution
  • 13:45 What’s needed to resolve your emotional eating
  • 14:32 Mindset shifts like body positivity or intuitive eating don’t work unless you do this first
  • 15:45 It’s not about “knowing” what happened on a mind level, this is about what is unknown in the body on a somatic level
  • 16:20 Creating safety to dive into this process on a body level
  • 17:20 Understanding your true needs and giving it to yourself
  • 17:40 You only need to resolve specific trauma to your emotional eating pattern
  • 18:20 Results of this process, stopping bingeing, motivated to move, dropping other coping tactics
  • 18:45 Avoiding the deeper work only compounds the pain you are in and creating ease and peace in the body and around food.

Next Steps

1. If you are ready to start your journey to resolving your emotional eating you can download my free guide “What Are You Truly Hungry For?” to start discerning true from emotional hunger and catching your triggers HERE

2. If you are ready to transform your emotional eating so that you can get to ease, peace and confidence around food and in your body with a step by step process and guidance then find out more about The Emotional Eating Evolution Program HERE. 

To evolution,


Certified Holistic Nutritionist Specializing in Emotional Eating