I have been sprouting beans for a few months now and just recently upgraded from my bodum to an actual sprouter! The difference is amazing. I must say it is really pleasing to grow something and then to eat it knowing it is absolutely good for you. Also I live in a loft so a garden is a far away idea. This is the closest I’ve come to growing vegetables.

All grown up and ready to be eaten…mu haha

Why are sprouts so good for you?

Think about it. When you plant a seed what happens? A plant starts to grow. Initially all the nutrients the sprout needs are contained in the seed. Once the right conditions are met (ie rehydration of the seed) the seed begins the process of converting stored fats, protein and carbohydrates within it into fatty acids, amino acids and simple sugars. These new products are actually the constituent parts of the macronutrients. This makes the nutients in the sprout easily digestible since they have been broken down into smaller molecules which is what would happen in our tummies.

During the sprouting process the vitamin and enzyme content in the seed increases exponentially. This means more nutrition for us.