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I wanted to dive into why you started to binge and emotionally eat. Binge and emotional eating are a bit different but very interconnected. 

Emotional Eating is what it sounds like; it’s where we use food to help us cope with uncomfortable emotions. We’re eating in order to avoid, distract or suppress our emotions.

Binge eating is eating to the point of extreme discomfort in an uncontrollable way. Binge eating disorder is when you do this more than 1x a week or so.

When I’m working with clients they are experiencing both of these things in some combination. Sometimes they emotionally eat and other times it’s out of control.

Binge eating and emotional eating can be triggered by different reasons and it’s important to understand why you have these patterns. 

I see emotional eating as being aware you are eating because you feel x,y,z and binge eating as being more unconscious because you can’t “see” the trigger and it’s so strong you eat a huge amount of food.

They are intricately connected. And there are layers to this pattern and when I work with clients we can  discern them in your overall pattern. 

When I was going through my own emotional eating journey I was binge eating copious amounts of food but it was because I was emotionally triggered. Conventionally, when you look at the standard definitions of this pattern it doesn’t dive deep into the underlying factors, like traumas, that we store in our body. Or the subconscious patterns driving these behaviours. 

What I’ve found is that the psychology of what is happening is on the surface. This is why a lot of the solutions that are sold to you are on the surface.

If you buy into the narrative that something is wrong with you, you don’t know why you do this, you need to control yourself then you’ve missed the point. 

Because our behaviours and the way we think is coming from the foundation of our childhood. 

So today I’m going to share with you more on emotional and binge eating. 

Check out the video below at the timestamps to dive deeper:

4:03 Emotional Eating is a coping mechanism and how we use food to soothe

4:48 When triggers are big this leads to emotional eating then bingeing

5:28 Processed foods and bingeing

6:40 How Controlling food leads to bingeing

7:40 What are you really trying to gain by controlling food?

8:15 How you hide from this pattern

9:00 Understanding where this pattern comes from 

10:00 What emotions are telling us

11:00 Being born worthy, but it gets complex

12:00 Diving into the root of this pattern means food cannot fill this void and the shift in our body

Next Steps

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