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So let’s talk about emotional eating and the inner child. 

I wanted to talk about this because inner child and inner child work is something we do inside of The EEE Program

As a refresher Emotional Eating is when we use for to soothe any discomfort, uncomfortable emotions, stressful situations or triggers that come up. 

While you are “seeing” emotional eating in your day to day life it didn’t start there. 

When I do the deeper work with clients this pattern comes from childhood. It doesn’t quite look the same but the seeds are planted at this younger age. 

This is because we weren’t modelled by our parents or caregivers how to be with emotions, and to process and resolve what was happening. 

Instead we were shamed, ignored or our parents simply weren’t equipped to meet our deeper needs. This left us with a lot of discomfort and we needed to figure out a way to cope.

Cue emotional eating. 

Food feels good, especially processed for junk food which give us a temporary relief. It doesn’t resolve anything and creates more issues down the road but it’s what we could get our hands on.

Check out the video below for more on:

2:13 How does inner child work play into our emotional eating, and my discovery of it and why it didn’t help me at first. 

3:03 What I discovered about inner child work being specific to our emotional eating

3:55 What is inner child work?

4:40 Consciously shifting the way you think about food, your body and emotions

5:45 Becoming the parent you needed otherwise this process will not work 

6:57 Learning a new structure to hold the inner child 

7:35 Using triggers and healing specific events (not all your trauma!)

8:55 2 things are happening to resolve the pattern; a new way + shifting the root

10:10 You don’t need to heal all the trauma you remember, your life will show you what needs to be addressed. Don’t dig for trauma!

11:12 More details on how we work on the structure and flow in The Emotional Eating Evolution Program so you can meet your true needs and create more ease and confidence around food and in your body.

Next Steps

1. If you are ready to start your journey to resolving your emotional eating you can download my free guide “What Are You Truly Hungry For?” HERE to start discerning true from emotional hunger and catching your triggers.

2. If you are ready to transform your emotional eating so that you can get to ease, peace and confidence around food and in your body with a step by step process and guidance then find out more about The Emotional Eating Evolution Program HERE. 

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Certified Holistic Nutritionist Specializing in Emotional Eating