Do you ever feel like you are stalked by the latest health trend or buzz only to feel more confused and out of wack with what is really healthy? Well, I’ve been trying to avoid writing about oil pulling for a few weeks now because it is trendy, really trendy. I tend to shy away from trends because at the end of the day true health is attainable and not going anywhere, and most definitely not found in a single habit but rather, in many healthy habits combined 😉

Ok, so with all this buzz is oil pulling worth it? Yes and no.

The thing with all the BUZZ in the media is that we expect an instant result, an easy way out. Guess what? Even though health is attainable, it is not something you slap on in one day. The hype out there tries to convince us that ONE thing can really create health. Umm, no not really. Everything adds to everything else and we need to take responsibility for our health. I teach my clients this and it feels amazing to take back your health and beauty. It is empowering!

OK, I won’t rain on the parade any longer – well, only if you add this NEW habit to all the other healthy habits you have!

Check out the video below!


How to optimize your oil pulling experience:

1. In order to get the most benefit from oil pulling you need about 20 minutes of swishing action.

The most I’ve gotten to is 10 minutes and my mouth was full of liquid! Yes the liquid looked all white and foamy and had all kinds of not so fun stuff first thing in the morning! (the white foam is an indication of the bacteria being removed)

2. Use ORGANIC coconut oil.

3. Oil pull on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning.

4. After oil pulling rinse with salt (Himalayan or Celtic) water or warm water.

How it works:

When you use organic coconut oil it dissolves the bacteria in your mouth. The outside membrane of a bacterium is coated in a fatty layer, coconut oil is a fat, and so like dissolves like. Water on the other hand would not do a great a job; water is not a fat!

The benefits of oil pulling:

1. Whiter teeth (due to removal of oil soluble stains)

2. Reduced gingivitis and bad breath (by removing the bacteria)

3. Less likelihood of a bacterial infection (can lead to inflammation, acne, a cold or sore throat)

4. Bacteria in the mouth have been found in arterial plaque, so if you remove it from the source it can help with heart disease prevention.

5. Gargling with coconut oil helps to moisturize a dry mouth and throat.

This week’s challenge is for you to try coconut oil for 1 week and let me know how you LOOK and FEEL! If you’re not up for the challenge, give me 3 reasons oil pulling might not be right for you in the comments below 🙂

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To whiter teeth lol,


Holistic Nutritionist.