This week I am sharing my October Monthly Holistic Favourites! I love these videos since I can share an assortment of healthy foods, items, books and ideas that you can incorporate into your life to be healthier!


Ok onto the favourites. You can watch below or scroll down below to read all about it!



//Favourites Mentioned//


1. Microgreens – I am loving microgreens lately as they are nutrient-dense and enzyme rich. I find as the weather is getting cooler that there is definitely less produce at the farmers’ market. The microgreens i have been buying are local and fresh. Since microgreens are the baby plants they can only survive for so long in the fridge as opposed to some produce that is in transportation for weeks. I love broccoli, arugula and cress microgreens. Microgreens are powerful babies with more nutritional punch than their full grown counterparts. Yes!


2. Sprouts! Along with microgreens I am also loving sprouts. They are also nutrient-dense and enzyme rich. The great thing about sprouts is that you can grow them at home in about 4-5 days. This makes them economical and easily accesible. I usually buy the Mumm’s brand and love the sandwich booster blend.


Check out my videos on why you should sprout here and how to sprout here.


3. Dandyblend – This is a coffee substitute that is caffeine free and amazing for your liver. I am not a coffee drinker but I love the taste of Dandyblend with a bit of stevia. This gives it a bitter-sweet taste. I also love the liver loving effects. Our liver is our main detoxifying and fat burning organ – it needs lots of nutritional love 🙂


4. Rooibos Honey Bush Tea – It’s that time of year! I love tea throughout the year but especially as it gets cooler I love having tea when I’m outside to warm up. Rooibos is an amazing herbal tea from South Africa that promotes skin health. I first learned about this tea while teaching in Korea.


5. Your Favourite Water Jar/Vessel – This is just to remind you to get your hands on a beautiful water container so you can hydrate your body more. The vessel doesn’t need to be fancy (unless that is your fav) just something you love holding. I love my mason jar 🙂


6. Book: Inner Engineering by Sadhguru – This was a mind blowing book for me. Sadhguru is a prolific yogi that explains life in a simple and profound manner. I was inspired by the yogic view of the body in this video. In a nutshell the book helps us to get back in touch with your true essence.


There you have it, my monthly favourites! I hope they have inspired you to get healthier with one simple step. If you have any questions or comments please let me know. I would love to hear from you.


To your essence,


Holisitic Nutritionist.