Hello beauties!

I love July! It’s my birthday month and the weather is always beautiful and hot which gives your skin that extra glow with all the sweating 😉 In this week’s video I share my holistic favourites from last month. Please be sure to check out the video as I give a lot of little tips and insights.

Check it out here:

Items Mentioned:

  1. Organic Strawberries – please be sure to buy them organic as they are one of the most sprayed fruits. Don’t let their nutritional content go to waste by buying conventional (if you can!).
  2. Mung Beans Check out my videos on the benefits of sprouting here  and how to sprout here!
  3. Purple Cabbage
  4. Epsom salts for tons of relaxing magnesium
  5. Hats for summer! The one in the video is from Anthropologie if anyone is wondering. It’s made of wool but it works for me in the summer. I have a collection of hats but this has been my fav lately 🙂 Don’t be shy wear a hat if you can – I know some people feel they can’t pull off a hat but honestly if it protects your face and you like it then that’s all that matters 😉

So there you have it my July roundup. Please be sure to let me know if you have been using any of the items I mentioned and what your favourites have been! Leave me a comment and please be sure to SHARE this video if it would help someone.

To adding more health to our lives,


Holistic Nutritionist.