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Today I wanted to chat about triggers and how to recognize triggers around your Emotional Eating.

And why when you ignore them and you get taken over by your Emotional Eating. Triggers are interesting when you are an emotional eater. It’s usually one of the reasons why you feel like you have to emotionally eat. 

So you might be triggered at different times of the day, by different people, there are various reasons why you might be triggered.

When I’m looking at your emotional eating pattern I’m looking for your particular emotional trigger. 

Let me explain. 

Before we can find the true emotional trigger we have to do a a few things. This is something I learned in my own journey with Emotional Eating. I felt constantly hungry and I wasn’t aware of “emotional hunger” and so couldn’t discern the difference. It just felt like there was no stop button. 

When I realized there were layers to this pattern it became clearer and clearer. One of the keys that helped me to catch my triggers was to start discerning true from emotional hunger. 

When I was able to understand this – I was able to start making sense of my emotional eating. 

As an emotional eater you need to understand what true hunger feels like in your body and emotional hunger. When you can start discerning the two you can start seeing your triggers!

Check out the video HERE with timestamps to dive deeper!

  • 2:07 The importance of satisfying hunger to catch triggers
  • 2:45 Diet mentality and how it impacts your emotional eating
  • 3:12 How to know you’ve nourished yourself so you can see the real triggers to emotional eating
  • 3:35 How emotional triggers build up throughout the day and lead to emotional eating 
  • 6:30 Becoming aware of your triggers and pattern 
  • 8:15 How triggers help us access the deeper root and resolve the pattern with specific tools

Next Steps

1. If you are ready to start your journey to resolving your Emotional Eating you can download my free guide “What Are You Truly Hungry For?” to start discerning true from emotional hunger and catching your triggers HERE.

2. If you are ready to transform your emotional eating so that you can get to ease, peace and confidence around food and in your body with a step by step process and guidance then find out more about The Emotional Eating Evolution Program HERE. 

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