This is an exciting week, I get to answer a reader question! Katie, a lovely reader asked me the following question:

Hi Michelle! Love your blog. Would love to learn more about immune boosters for adults and the kiddies as it feels like we are constantly being attacked by unrelenting “pre-school bugs”.

I’m sure this is a pretty popular topic and not super simple to answer. I tried to do one video but it became too complicated so I decided to do a few so it would be easier to understand/implement.

This first video goes into the Holistic perspective of sickness and discusses stressors and the 2 main areas of immunity in our body. I give a few tips on how to boost your immunity in this video but in coming videos I will address food, supplements, lifestyle and how to handle sickness in a holistic way! (stay tuned this week!)

Links mentioned:
Dry Skin Brushing

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To immense immunity,

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