Hello love,

Today I wanted to share about fear because it is what is under all of your doubts keeping you from resolving your emotional eating. Fear is the thing holding us back from creating change. We all have fear and we need to navigate life with it. 

It’s only with moving forward will fear dissipate. I see fear coming up a lot with potential and current clients.

Why does this happen?

We live our lives in a comfort zone. We have patterns in our day to day life which let us know what to expect.

As emotional eaters using food is a type of comfort zone. It feels “safe” even though it is not helpful and even harmful to our health.

When we look for a solution that is out of our “comfort zone” our fear comes up. Fear is “trying” to protect us and is a smaller part of us. 

The bigger part of us wants growth and to move past this. To evolve.

But as a society we are taught to be safe and to be practical which leads to stuckness and stagnancy. That inhibits growth. This fears inhibits us from our true desires. 

As humans we are meant to grow, expand and evolve. There will always be a bigger (more authentic) part of us wanting to move out of this pattern. Isn’t that true for you? 

This part wants a solution. 

When you start looking for a solution

When you see the solution fear can come up in terms of time, money, or commitment.

What can we do?

Listen to the fear and answer the questions it has. Make it feel as safe as possible.

The bigger part of you will guide you because it will resonate with :

  • the method
  • see the value in the commitment
  • trust the guidance
  • and that the solution works

The fear will feel safer. 

So pick up the fear and carry it with that wiser part of you because there will always be that niggle of fear but if most of you is sure walk through the fear. 

The fear will dissipate as you walk through what it was afraid of. 

And you’ll grow in self trust and see what you feared doesn’t even bother you. This is how you’ll know you’ve evolved 🙂 

To walking through fear,


Certified Holistic Nutritionist + Emotional Eating Expert

PS If you’d like support in moving through your emotional eating and a step by step plan apply for an Emotional Eating Assessment call here