Hello love,

At the root of emotional eating is trauma. It’s something I love talking about and want to share more moving forward.

When I was emotionally eating I realized that my emotional eating was a coping mechanism. And that it was covering up what was really going on for me. 

As I dove deeper into my own experience and education I eventually completed a program in Transformational Psychotherapy using a somatic based approach that was trauma informed. 

When you have this pattern of emotional eating there is some trauma creating it.  Trauma makes us think of extreme events but trauma is on a spectrum.

Trauma is any event that left you feeling unresolved or dysregulated. We were left feeling anxious and not calm at all. You had no way to process the sensations and emotions of that situation. 

This leads to coping mechanisms like emotional eating – using food to soothe yourself. 

You may have picked up this pattern from parents, caregivers and society because as a society we don’t know how to be with emotions. We tend to sweep them under the rug where they fester.

We are sold the diets and exercise plans but we need to dive deeper. You need to understand where this pattern is coming from and how it’s related to trauma. 

I find with clients that these patterns go back to childhood. So when you do a diet or exercise plan you get a surface level solution that is not looking at the deeper issue. 

In this week’s video I share more about:

-why you don’t have to cope with emotional eating the rest of your life 

-how your pattern of emotional eating is formed

-why you are not sabotaging yourself

-Resolving the pattern with emotions as a focus

-feeling safe in the body and having guidance and modelling

-your highest self and navigating the emotional eating pattern

-transformation of the pattern and meeting true needs

This is all done in the body to process the pattern. This is a transformational process that gets to the root. This is the deeper work that needs to be done. 

If we try to willpower ourselves with a new diet, exercise plan or affirmation we will not get much traction. 

The parts running this pattern is much more powerful than our conscious part wanting a new way. Our conscious mind has 5-10% of the power and these unconscious patterns 90-95% of the power. This is where we need to do the deeper work to get to the root and transform it. 

This will bring you back to wholeness, calm and empowerment. 

In the Emotional Eating Evolution program we cover processing this pattern through a trauma informed lens, true nourishment and body acceptance. All 3 are powerful together and needed to resolve this pattern and move forward in a way that empowers you around food and in your body. 

If this resonates and you’re committed to moving past your emotional eating then I invite you to book in an Emotional Eating Assessment call here.