Hello love!

This past week I was recovering from a few weeks of being more busy than is usually for me. I started to feel a bit grumpy and not like myself so I knew I needed to go back to my foundation in my health and well being.

So I started to think about what grounds me – makes me feel more present, calmer and more like myself. The things that I found that created my foundation were eating well, movement and meditating.

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 Tips Mentioned

1. Eating well – That means lots of veggies for me, simple meals and meals that are easy to digest.

Some recipes I love are Cauliflower rice, power salad  and this green smoothie.

The foods are plant based, high in nutrients, support my energy, are easy to digest (no bloating! or feeling lethargic after), and nourishing.

2. Movement – I love to walk daily and workout. If I don’t move I feel stuck and stagnant. Some of my favourite ways to move are walking, weight lifting, cardio (running, HIIT) and yoga.

Movement helps support circulation and distributes nutrients throughout our system. It also helps to move lymphatic fluid via the lymphatic system. This boosts our immunity and makes us less susceptible to colds and sickness in general.

3. Meditate – I take time every day to do some type of meditation practice. I also journal.

Examples of meditations I do are simple breath practices (2-3 minutes of deep belly breaths), kundalini meditations (I love this one for anger!) and Vipassana meditations lead by Tara Brach.

*Update, I’ve created somatic meditations that are specifically for emotional eating. Find out more about The Emotional Eating Evolution Program here

So there you have it, these 3 things are my daily habits that really help me feel like myself, to handle the ups and downs of life and to feel my best.

I hope this video has inspired you to create your own healthy foundation. If you need help creating your own foundation you can email me at [email protected]

To a healthy foundation,


Holistic Nutritionist.