I just returned from a short stay in Detroit for the Jazz Fest. In the few days my fiancé and I were there we managed to check out an urban farm, a garden and a farmer’s market. Definitely a must see for any veggie lovers out there!

Lafayette Greens

Lafayette Greens is an amazing garden located in downtown Detroit, literally. For all those that know me, know how much calm and energy I get from food and  this garden does just that. It is like a beacon of light in a city where beautiful buildings are left abandoned. The garden turned 2 this summer and is full of fruits, vegetables and herbs, all organic I might add. I had the privilege of touching many plants and just enjoying the zen of nature in the midst of a concrete jungle.

Apparently, the garden may only be temporary as it is city-operated and if a developer wishes to develop it, the garden will cease to exist. I hope that doesn’t happen as the green space is beautiful and life giving to the city. Until then here it is in all its glory!

michigan aug 20133 IMG_9023 IMG_9000 michigan aug 20132 michigan aug 2013IMG_9024

Eastern Market

This market is located east of the core of Detroit and is bustling with tons of people on a Saturday. A lot of suburbanites come to the city to buy fresh produce. The market has a lot of support as there were no other establishments in the city to buy fresh produce until this year when Wholefoods opened in midtown! Imagine…

We walked around the market and I took lots of photos. It was nice to see so many people buying real produce even though most of it was not organic. I did see a few organic stalls which gives me hope that farmers and people are catching on about organic food. I had the chance to buy some local, organically grown sauerkraut and speak to the maker. He said he tries to buy local organically grown produce when he can and hopes to be certified organic in the future! I hope I voted with my dollars when I bought the organic sauerkraut from ‘The Brinery‘!

IMG_8955 IMG_8967 IMG_8958 IMG_8956 IMG_8948 IMG_8949 IMG_8950 IMG_8947Earthworks

This is an urban farm. My fiancé and I biked here and were able to see many farm plots full of vegetables. The philosophy of this initiative is to provide the people of Detroit with good whole food and a place to unwind outdoors. Many people who live in Detroit live in ‘food deserts’ which are places that processed low-quality food is more accessible than quality fresh fruits and vegetables and good sources of protein. I must say the area this initiative is taking place in is not a wealthy part of town but in a place that needs it. It is quite humbling to see people nourishing a city that is struggling.

IMG_8982 IMG_8974 IMG_8968I have definitely returned home grateful for a beautiful city that is thriving and full of life, organic farmer’s markets and healthy choices all around 🙂


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