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I recently did a cleanse and I wanted to talk about how it can impact your mood and energy.  I did the cleanse to help me reset my digestion because my body was screaming for it! I usually do them every season.


There are many types of ‘cleanses’ out there. Depending on where you currently are at with your diet there is a range of cleanses you could do. Cleanses are important to reset your digestion and give your body a break. The cleanse I love to do consists of fruits and vegetables in smoothie, juice and shot form. I find this to be nourishing as well as effective at resetting the digestive system.


Check out the video here or scroll down to read.



Some Benefits

When we rest our digestive tract this can impact our  mental clarity. Our brain and gut are very interconnected. We actually produce neurotransmitters in our gut. About 90% (I said 70% in the video) of our serotonin is produced in the intestines! Whoa.


What Happens?

When we are stressed the digestive tract is the first place that shuts down. Our nervous system switches from ‘rest and digest’ mode to ‘fight or flight’ mode. This can create digestive issues in the system such as bloating, gas, and constipation to name a few.


The minute you become stressed your digestive tract goes haywire. This can happen with the change of season, having more additional life stress or chronic stress. While a cleanse helps to reset your system, chronic stress needs further addressing.


For me personally I needed a cleanse. The winter was more severe that in many years and I was experiencing more additional stress than usual. I started to notice my system was overwhelmed. I was sluggish, not sleeping well, and feeling very contracted. After a weekend of many stressful events I knew I needed to do something. I needed to stop and reset. I had been planning on a cleanse but needed it much sooner than I thought 🙂


Important Part of Cleansing

An important part of a cleanse is that you are having bowel movements or going to the washroom regularly to remove any waste. Cleanses that are done well help you to remove unprocessed food waste and clear out the colon while also nourishing the body. When I say ‘well’ I mean that the cleanse clears out the digestive tract and also nourishes it. Clearing out the colon can be done with fibre, supplements as well as using more tools if you are really stagnant. When we cleanse we release more waste and need a to be neutralizing it with nutrient dense foods and lots of fibre.


Think about it: if your gut/colon/digestive track is not working well or is backed up and stagnant how can it function at it’s best? If we are not eliminating we are not going to be thinking clearly and in general be stuck. Our digestive tract is the first place that shuts down when we are overwhelmed. So if we are not clearing our colon we are holding on and clenching both physically and emotionally.


When the system is clogged it creates more stress on the body and is a big energy drain. This just adds to the original source of stress. It’s a vicious cycle. When our system is not working well – neurotransmitters, absorption of nutrients and general well being get depleted.


Post Cleanse Vibes

When I did my cleanse I felt so much more relaxed and was able to ‘let go’ emotionally as well. It really is amazing what 3 days can do for your system. I am always amazed when I do a cleanse how much better I feel. The feeling then carries me forward to make healthier choices in general and I have more energy and vitality.


I hope this video has reminded you that your gut can affect the way you feel. You may not be processing certain emotions or are stressed and this can remind you to stop and reset. This is one way that I find works well for me and is quite holistic. The connection between our mind and digestive system is so fascinating and very real!


If you have any questions or comments please do let me know! I would love to hear from you. Cleansing is tossed around a lot but there are many different types – I’ve tried many and they may not all be the best for your body. Let me know if you’ve tried any cleanses and what you thought about the experience!


To flow,

Michelle Lall BSc, BEd, CNP

Certified Holistic Nutritionist

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