Hello beautiful!

Spring is here – finally! The weather hasn’t quite caught on but it will.

I am so excited. With winter coming to an end we feel more vibrant and alive. But we can also feel the heaviness of winter wanting to be released from our bodies! Spring is a great time to do a cleanse to reset your system and release the winter stagnation in our bodies.

In this video I wanted to talk about cleansing, the benefits and how it can help us shed that heavy feeling. Check it out below.

My Recent Experience 

I recently did a cleanse because my body was screaming for it! I was feeling sluggish, becoming less interested in food and not digesting as well as I normally do. I was hesitant to cleanse because I am still breastfeeding. Yet, the cleanse I did is well designed to be gentle and filling!

I shouldn’t be surprised that my body was ready for a cleanse. I haven’t done one in about 3 years since being pregnant and currently breastfeeding.

Anyways, I bit the bullet and did the cleanse and I am super happy I did. It was a great way to reset my digestion, nourish my body and give myself some much needed self care. I also had a lot more mental clarity. AMAZING!

More About Cleansing 

Cleansing is not about deprivation but rather a self care practice. Our bodies are constantly working to digest food and keep us functioning as best we can. If we don’t give it a break we can overtax our whole system.

Cleansing is an amazing way to reset your digestion, health and beauty! The better our digestion, the less energy the body will spend on digesting food. Digestion can take up to 80% of our total energy expenditure. If we reduce that with eating easier to digest foods, we can put the extra energy into rebuilding our health. With a surplus of energy we can start to not only rebuild our internal health but external beauty!

Join Me!

This cleanse inspired me to create a group cleanse program. I am excited to share this with other women who are in need of a reset for their digestion and energy. So, I am offering a 3 day cleanse in April. The program will include recipes, shopping lists, a supportive online group environment and support from a Certified Holistic Nutritionist (me!).

Get the details here!

Please share this with other women who are in need of a reset. It would be great to have a friend join you so you can cheer each other on! If you have any questions or comments please email me at [email protected] or comment below.

To a vibrant body this spring,

Michelle Lall

Holistic Nutritionist.