Hello out there! It’s been a while, a very long while! I didn’t mean to disappear but as the blogging world stood still my body was in a whirlwind. Not to sound cryptic but check out the video below…

This has been such an amazing time for me with ups and downs and not much time to put it all into perspective!

week 20 collage

week 20 text

I have been challenged on the food front and thought I would never ever want a salad again. All my veggies with the exception of juices and smoothies needed to be sautéed, baked or wrapped in rice paper! Thank god for rice paper is all I have to say, it got me through some tough times and helped me get my veggies in. Also, I am happy to say my eating is back to normal for the most part so my love of veggies and salads is back with a vengeance.

Anyways this is just a short announcement as I would love to share my experience so far with you all including all the things I have been doing to feel and look my best so stay tuned to the blog!

Much love,