Hello love,

Today I wanted to share with you something more fun! I wanted to share 5 tips to help soothe the nervous system.

How does this come into play for an emotional eater? 

When I would emotionally eat I used food to soothe myself. I used it to avoid my emotions. When I got to the root of my emotional eating I had to process and resolve the emotions underneath. This is the deep work that processes emotions in the body and subconscious mind. 


Today I want to share some ways to “cope” and soothe the nervous system. This will not get to the root of your emotional eating but will help you manage the overwhelm a bit better and even get you ready to dive deeper!

Tips Mentioned to Soothe the Nervous System for Emotional Eaters

  1. Try a hair mask; 1-2 tbsp cold pressed organic coconut oil + 5 drops organic rosemary essential oil. Massage it into the scalp and along the hair. Leave on for 1-8 hours. Double shampoo for best results!
  2. Turmeric Face Mask to nourish the skin and soothe the nervous system: 
  3. Dry Skin Brushing.
  4. Oil massage: use organic cold pressed coconut oil or sesame oil (great for winter)
  5. Epsom salt bath: 2 cups + 1 cup real sea salt. Soak 10-20 minutes 🙂

Let me know which one you are going to try in the comments below 🙂

To soothing,


Certified Holistic Nutritionist + Emotional Eating Expert.