Today I wanted to talk about cleansing, doing a set cleanse, doing a cleanse now, and also 5 benefits of a cleanse.

This is a great time!

This is a great time to do a cleanse in the spring as our body is in tune with nature and wants to detox on a deeper level. Think about it, in winter we are more stagnant and while our body detoxes daily we still hold onto extra toxicity from the winter months. Spring is the perfect time to let go!

Type of Cleanse I Recommend

The type of cleanse I do with clients is a 3 day set cleanse. This is sufficient because when I work with clients we work together to create a sustainable way of eating for about 80% of the time. This is a nourishing and detoxifying way of eating. So when it comes time to do a set cleanse we do it for a shorter amount of time to go a bit deeper.

Some cleanses or detoxes are for a month or more. I don’t like these because it is more of a diet mentality and is not sustainable for life. I aim to create something sustainable with clients that requires little effort in the long run. Taking 3 days a few times a year or even 1 day a month is much easier to implement. 

The 3 day cleanse consists of nutrient dense juices, smoothies and elixirs. We focus on resetting digestion, nourishing the body and on elimination so toxicity is leaving the body (key). 

Check out the video below or scroll down for more!

The Benefits of Doing a Cleanse

Benefit #1Better Digestion. 

We put about 50-80% of our energy into digestion. That’s a lot. During the cleanse we reduce this significantly as the juices and smoothies are easily digestible. This gives the digestive track a beak and it can rebuild and restore. This will mean more efficient digestion once we begin to eat normally again.

Benefit #2 Deeply nourishing the body. 

We are consuming nutrient dense raw juices and smoothies that are bioavailable. Because the juices and smoothies are pre-digested, absorption and assimilation are easier. This means more nutrition into your cells!

Juices and smoothies contain living water that can hydrate the body deeply as well. 

Benefit #3 The Elimination aspect 🙂

We are nourishing the body with alkalinizing juices and smoothies. This will kick up toxicity from the cells and dump it into the digestive tract. We need to make sure we are clearing this waste out or it will reabsorb and recirculate. This is why on certain cleanses we can experience detox symptoms. We need to effectively eliminate via the bowels.  

With this cleanse we look at elimination and support it in a few ways either through supplements, enemas or colonics. The colon is where all waste goes so it needs to be supported especially if you are not regular or are typically constipated.

Benefit #4 Lightness in the Body

As we are nourishing, hydrating and eliminating with the cleanse we will start to feel a lightness in our body. 

We are going to feel more energy and vibrancy. This is because we are letting go of what the body has been putting a lot of energy into. If we have undigested food in our system the body works hard to digest it. We can have putrefaction and gas. As we ease that digestive distress we free up a lot of energy in our body and will feel a sense of ease. We will have a sense of ease and lightness in our body which is amazing. 

We can take this ease and lightness into our life, our work and relationships 😉

Benefit #5 The mind-gut connection. 

When we are working on our digestive track we are working on our mind. For instance the gut produces 95% of serotonin. If our digestive system is off, our microflora is not balanced and we will not feel clear in our minds and will be foggy. 

As we let go of waste we create a flow in our digestive track and thus in our minds. This helps us to move forward in our life with clarity.

Bonus Benefit

You will emotionally detox. Emotions are bio-molecules and can be released during a cleanse as waste matter. This will create more mental clarity and ease in the gut.

I am doing a live version of my cleanse at the end of the month. Please get in touch if you want to join! It runs Friday April 26 – Sunday April 28. Details HERE

This cleanse program is an amazing powerful tool.  You can use it if  you are stressed, there is a change of season, if you’ve been on vacation and anything that compromised your digestion. This is an amazing tool to boost your system and help you come back to balance and clarity. Cleansing can also help motivate you to move forward in your health goals! 

If this resonates and you would like to join the live cleanse or purchase the program head over here for all the details! 

To letting go,


Certified Holistic Nutritionist