I just read an article about Mireille Guiliano, the author of “Why French Women Don’t Get Fat”. Mme Guiliano has another book describing how French women age gracefully. I love the French and their relationship with food. So, I was keen on finding out the tips and tricks they use to age well because those French women really look all chic and put together 🙂 Aging well not only means looking better as we get older but maintaining our health and energy too!

Since I have un petit love affair with the French, I thought I would share some of the secrets that  they use along with my own. Don’t worry, these tricks really do work and there are countless women out there who have used them to age well and look great on a daily basis.

Check out the video below with all the tips!

Here’s a quick recap…

Tip 1: Hydrate!

This must be my mantra for 2014! Just like there are trends for the fashion season and classics, water is a classic for sure. Drink up 2-3L per day or until your urine is pale yellow.

Tip 2: Move your booty!

Dance, walk, take the stairs. Humans were not made to sit at a desk. Did you know sitting is the ‘new smoking’ because it deteriorates your health? I’ve created a standing desk in my office and I feel SOOO much better! It also makes me stand up straight and not slouch too much 😉

Tip 3: Eat your veggies (and fruits). 80% to be exact.

Perhaps most people would find this percentage too high but I guarantee that once you are more veggie-like on the inside,  you will GLOW with super beauty on the outside 😉 Antioxidants  protect you from unnecessary aging, free radicals (fried foods, alcohol and environmental toxins to name a few) and boost your NATURAL beauty reserve. Did you know that consuming organic, pure food makes your body turn on anti-aging genes? Processed crap actually makes you turn on disease causing genes. Food for thought!

Tip 4: Food Combine

Again this might not be the easiest to do but once you feel the benefits there will be no turning back 😉 Have fruits on an empty stomach (preferably in the morning) to get the most benefit. Have Veggies + Starches at one meal and Veggies + Protein at another with about 3-4 hours in between. This reduces the digestive energy needed to well, digest. The more ‘free’ energy we have from digestion, the more energy we will have to go on with our day, clear out cancer cells, grow beautiful hair and just feel good!

See…was that so hard? Who knew you could just eat your way to graceful aging with no lotions, potions , botox or plastic surgery! Whew…

And as a BONUS tip, your attitude and expansiveness will also give you an anti-aging boost…go out, live, be true to yourself and nourish your beauty from the inside out!

SHARE these amazing SIMPLE secrets with your closest friends and be the hottest, healthiest, smartest women around, I dare you 😉

Á votre santé!


holistic nutritionist.