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Today I want to share with you 3 common blocks that I see that women have that keep them from resolving their emotional eating.

These are blocks that I hear from women time and time again who’ve tried to resolve their emotional eating. They feel like they’ve tried everything. So nothing works.

This is an awful place to be in because when you feel like you’ve exhausted everything, you’ve tried everything and nothing’s working, you feel hopeless.

All the failures create evidence and doubt that nothing is going to work to resolve this. 

It becomes more difficult to move forward with a solution that’s going to help you because you already feel like “what’s the point?”. 

Block 1: The Surface Solution Burnout

Some of the things that I see with women are that they’ve heard the surface things that help them resolve their emotional eating.

So they’ve tried every diet, they’ve had a personal trainer, etc.

When we’re in this place where we’ve tried the surface solutions and we think we know all the things. So we know the nutrition, we know how to go to the gym, we know the things we need to do. 

BUT we’re still on the surface because, yes, those actions are important. We need to move our body, we need to nourish our body but it’s still on the surface. 

Something is holding us back from doing those actions. Even when we’re able to go to the gym or eat well, it’s in a really restrictive way or a punishing way. So this is the pattern I see with women.

The main thoughts are “IF ONLY I could just go to the gym more, if only I could just not eat this kind of food, I’d be fine”. But what they’re missing is that there is a part of them, like thought pattern, a way of being that’s driving them to do those behaviours in a punishing or critical way. 

They’re constantly monitoring themselves, they’re constantly being critical of themselves in the way they’re eating and the way they’re moving. It’s not kind or compassionate.

It’s almost like the body is such an enemy and we need to whip it and control it to get to this other side. 

There is deeper resistance going on here that needs deeper tools!

Block 2: I know everything but I can’t embody it. 

The second thing that I see are the women that think, “yeah, I also know everything , and yeah, I do that”.

 I know what emotional hunger is. Yeah, I know what my needs are. Yeah, I know all this.


You know it on one level, you know it intellectually and still there are holes there, but you don’t embody it. 

Again, you haven’t gotten deeper into what’s actually driving this pattern, getting into those deeper roots, getting into what’s actually preventing you from allowing that information to become embodied. 

Why can’t you do the actions for that? Because if you didn’t have that blockage, you would do the action and get that feedback loop of this works. Did you know that?

There’s still that deeper part of you that’s unresolved, there’s that deeper resistance, that protection, that part of you that thinks it knows everything. This part of you is preventing you from growing. It’s afraid of growing or it’s afraid of being seen as less than or not enough or not knowing enough. 

This stance prevents you from taking in new information, to being guided, to moving through a process. It limits you because none of us know everything in every area. I know a lot about emotional eating because it’s what I specialize in and you will know more about another area that you specialize in…

I’m going to see the holes because I specialize in it. But if this is not what you’re doing day in and day out, your knowledge of it is going to not be the same as mine. We also can’t see things that others can. We all have blindspots.

So it’s great to learn something, to learn a diet, to learn a whatever and to know the theories and to know about the subconscious. But if you can’t tangibly do the steps and embody it and feel it and know you’re on the right track and let that voice of “I know it all” still in your head, run the show, you’re not going to get very far. 

That means there’s a part of you, a protective part of you that is not allowing you to take in new information or be seen, allow yourself to be seen as a student. 

Block 3: Not knowing that Emotional Eating impacts us from a core place 

This brings me to the third block. What I see with a lot of women is that they might be aware of their emotional eating, but they don’t grasp how deeply this pattern is rooted. 

Every client that I’ve had, we do this deeper process with specific somatic meditations to get into the root of those unresolved emotions, those traumas that are running the show.

A big piece that’s missing for a lot of clients is the understanding of the impact of these patterns on our life. Our society is negligent about our emotions – we are told to suppress them in some form. This can happen in subtle ways. We might have had parents or homes that were “loving” or they seem to meet our needs, but there are nuances to this.

It might be just one instance that wasn’t resolved appropriately that drives this pattern and so we need to be able to allow ourselves to get to these deeper levels and resolve it at this root level. 

Because the root creates the branches. One of the branches that we’re seeing are our patterns around food, around how much acceptance we give ourselves, etc. This branches out and it becomes the fabric of our lives. When we get to that root and resolve it, it ripples out and allows those branches to transform and bloom into something different.

That’s what we want to do. 

If something comes up and we superficially meet the need, we are still coping. We’re not getting to resolution and we’re not understanding the deeper pattern. We’re not allowing ourselves to dive deeper and have that true compassion for ourselves, deeper acceptance, and to meet those deeper needs.

My question to you is, is your life moving forward in the way you want it to? Do you have that deep connection to yourself? Because the more we avoid this deeper connection with ourselves, the more disconnected we’ll feel in our life. 

It’s almost like there’s this layer, this goo, this filter that prevents us from touching life and actually experiencing it and feeling more deeply. In order to feel our full range of emotions. We must be able to feel sadness, grief and anger in order to fully experience joy, gratitude and happiness.

When we get blocked with these unresolved emotions specific to emotional eating then we’re in avoidance. It clogs our system and it clogs our ability to be in alignment with our life, to be clear, to make the right choices for ourselves.


These are 3 big blockages I see for women.

  1. They tend to think they know about the surface things. 
  2. I know I need to do X, Y and Z or I know all the things. So I don’t need to be open to something different and embody it. 
  3. The understanding that this pattern really goes deep and it comes from childhood and it’s been rippling out into their lives. So those are some three main things that I see with clients.

So maybe you’re in one of these groups. The thing is that if you have been trying these things and they haven’t been working, that’s the definition of insanity. Einstein said the definition of insanity is trying the same things again and again and expecting a different result. So if you’ve been doing the same things expecting to have a different result, it’s not going to happen. 

You might need to tweak something, have a deeper understanding, shift and process those deeper emotions.

That’s what we do inside of The Emotional Eating Evolution Program. I’ve had clients that have a nutrition background, personal training, I’ve had clients that are therapists. Even though they have these backgrounds, they couldn’t figure out this pattern because it’s multilayered. We need to be open to a new way of doing things.

It’s a process of getting connected back to yourself. So learning to truly nourish your body, accept your body’s rhythms and process those deeper emotions on a somatic level. Of course, there are more details to that and the how to’s are inside of the program. There is a synergy with all of these moving pieces that help you resolve your emotional eating from the root and it becomes so clear and you start feeling at ease around food and in your body. 

I’ve just seen so many amazing results with clients that they resolve their emotional eating. They get in touch with what’s really going on, they get to look whatever they’ve been using food to cope and numb with in the eyes and move through it and resolve it, which is so powerful. Find out more about The Emotional Eating Evolution Program HERE.

To a new way,


Certified Holistic Nutritionist Specializing in Emotional Eating