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When I speak to women who are emotional eaters one of the main things they say is that they have these constant, obsessive thoughts about food. 

They are obsessing about food and it is getting in the way of their life. 

Honestly, it was the same for me when I was emotionally eating. I was constantly thinking about food, this is good/bad, weighting food, counting calories, I need to eat now, etc.

I didn’t think about food in a way I enjoyed at all and it was pulling me away from the things I wanted to do. 

I felt out of control around food, especially with these thoughts. It felt like this incessant voice. It wouldn’t stop.

I didn’t know how to stop this voice and it didn’t matter what I did. I tried everything and it didn’t matter if I was good or bad these obsessive thoughts about food kept coming up.

When I talk to women who realize they struggle with emotional eating this is happening for them too. They are constantly thinking about food and most of them are trying to fight off these thoughts with willpower. 

As an emotional eater it is hard to willpower your way past these thoughts or to ignore them. You have to get to the root of this pattern and resolve it. That is how these thoughts start dissipating. 

So that you can have lunch and then only think about food when you’re actually hungry for a snack or dinner. You don’t constantly think about food or if you do it’s in a balanced way. 

Check out the video below at the timestamps to dive deeper:

  • 1:53 Why are we constantly obsessing about food?
  • 2:15 The first reason why we obsess about food, how to satisfy true hunger 
  • 5:01 First steps to working though this pattern
  • 5:36 The second reason we obsess about food and core reason as emotional eaters
  • 7:54 Why we’re obsessing about food

Next Steps

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