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I wanted to touch in on emotions and our fear of feeling them. Emotional eating at the core is really about emotions. We forget this because we are sold the diets and exercise and willpower. 

I was the same way – I thought I had to control my body to control my emotional eating and everything I tried was an external solution.

But what I found as I dug deeper was that at the core of emotional eating are emotions. (Duh!)

We were set up…

Our society is set up to distract us from our emotions. To not know what emotions are, to not be with them, and to dismiss them. And one of our distractions is food!

We learn from young age to not be with our emotions as well. Our parents and caregivers were not able to see, hear and validate our emotions or model how to be with them in a healthy way.

So we learned to be afraid of emotions, feel ashamed of them or got in trouble if we expressed them. We weren’t taught that emotions and sensations were ok to feel and have. Because of all of these beliefs about emotions we misunderstand emotions and feel like we’ll be taken over by them. 

BUT Emotions are information and data about our environment, experiences and can give us insights and limits we have.

When we shut them down they get louder.  And then we go towards food to soothe and distract from them.

This fear of our emotions is keeping us stuck.

This fear of our emotions is keeping us stuck

We try the latest tip and trick to help but we need to face our emotions. This is a KEY area to resolving emotional eating. Of course emotional eating is multifaceted. 

So how do we do this?

We need to learn how to feel safe with our emotions – that we have them but they are not us. We need to learn to feel safe in the body to process, resolve and integrate emotions. This helps us hear the messages our emotions have that lead us to our true needs.

This is a step by step process I use privately with clients with somatic meditations with psychotherapy tools. Clients also have access to guided recorded meditations I have created specifically for this process. 

The private sessions are great to be deeply seen, heard and validated in your experience and have the regulation you needed modelled. This allows us to go deeper in the process and get to the root of your emotional eating and powerfully move forward.

This emotions piece is one HUGE key that is missing. Because unprocessed emotions live in the body. Of course we need to also need to relearn how to nourish our body and have body acceptance along with this key.

The invitation

If you are ready to move forward and finally resolve your emotional eating then I’d like to invite you to book in an emotional eating assessment call HERE to see how the program can support you in your journey. If you’d like to learn more about The Emotional Eating Evolution Program check out the details here. 

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Certified Holistic Nutritionist + Emotional Eating Expert.