You can’t willpower your way out of your emotional eating.
Because emotional eating is a coping mechanism…
I hear this from women daily that they just need more “willpower” and this is often reinforced in the emotional eating space.
They’ll tell you that you just need to keep trying.
But this is simply reinforcing the belief that something is wrong with your and you are not enough which couldn’t be further from the truth.
Yes, it’s true we need willpower to make changes in our life and this can happen easily if we have no resistance to the change or trauma.
But the problem is willpower is conscious and has 5% power vs. the emotional eating pattern which is outside of your conscious awareness and has 95% power over your actions when triggered.
If you want to have an impact on your emotional eating beyond just trying to willpower your way out of a binge you have to address the deeper underlying cause.
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