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Today I wanted to share why chasing after the certain body, trying to control food or your emotional eating is going to lead you further away from resolving your emotional eating. 

What we are wanting, craving and chasing after is in an obsessive way, this craving way.

We are in this craving adrenalized state. Which means we are not connected. And when we reach that “thing” we think we want in this state, we’re not going to feel any better because the way we’ve been going about it is in this craving way. 

I see this with women all the time. They say “I want to be healthy, I want to eat the right foods, I don’t need to lose the weight, I don’t need to look a certain way”.

They’re saying the “right” thing but the energy behind it, their emotions behind it are telling me a different story. 

When I see this, I know that they’re not embodied. There’s something else running the show. This craving part of them, this lack part of them, this unhealed part of them is running the show.

There’s another part of you in charge

So what’s happening is that they say all these amazing beautiful things, but this part of them that’s in fear is really running the show. This part of them that feels like if they don’t look that certain way or they don’t lose the weight, if they don’t have that tangible result, they’re not going to get what they want. 

And if we’re being really honest with ourselves, what we want out of all of this is to feel loved, validated, accepted and have our deeper needs met.

But the way we’re going about it is we think if we look a certain way, we act a certain way, we’re going to get those needs met. 

This all falls under the emotional eating pattern.

Part of us wants to have that body and so we’ll restrict and restrict until we can no longer take it. Then we will binge and emotionally eat because of the discomfort coming from within. 

We don’t know what it feels like to be in that middle, to have that peace and that ease and that balance. 

This doesn’t mean that we don’t have to put in some effort or take the right action steps. But we just know the extremes of either restricting or binging. This is very black or white thinking.

Emotional Eating is a Coping Mechanism

Emotional Eating is a coping mechanism, it is something we develop to help us feel okay, to help us numb out of discomfort, to not have to deal with distress because we didn’t know how to. So we had to cope and we use food to cope. This pattern develops in childhood when we think in black or white and in extremes. 

If we’re not modelled by our parents or caregivers, how to move through our discomfort, uncomfortable emotions, how to regulate ourselves if they’re not able to hold that physical container for us, not just model it to us, but hold that space for us. We don’t learn how to move through this.

Check out the video for more on:

  • Black and White Thinking, Diets and Exercise
  • Taking the “Right” Steps when nothing is working
  • Emotional eating and our dysfunctional relationship to food, our body and our emotions
  • Connecting back to food, your body and emotions is vital to resolving emotional eating 
  • The tools to move through your emotional eating help you with the ups and downs of day to day life


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