Hello love,

Today I wanted to clear up why it’s hard to make changes like extra snacking or eating in between meals. These habits are a type of emotional eating.

When we aren’t hungry and are using food it’s a coping mechanism.

To some degree we all have emotional eating. Think about it food means nourishment and being nourished. Food is also pleasurable. Think about a baby that gets nourishment from breastfeeding on multiple levels (warmth, love, care, physical nourishment, pleasure). 

So why can’t you stop this habit?

If you can’t stop this pattern it is because the habit is helping you cope. It’s helping you cope with an unresolved issue or uncomfortable emotion. The best way to move through these habits is to process them.

Even if you are aware of your pattern and find it difficult to change the pattern is very strong. 

For example I have clients that know the change they want to make but can’t seem to do it. There is an unresolved issue that is keeping them in this old pattern because they are so used to coping  in this particular way.  They might also be scared to really feel those emotions and resolve them. 

It can be simple…

To sum it up when you are “trying” to makes changes and it doesn’t stick become aware of what is happening, then process the emotion underneath. It can be that simple. Of course we are not all taught how to process our emotions so reaching out for support is helpful.  With help you have guidance and a compassionate space for you to process and feel. 

Once you are able to process what is unresolved you can gain insight into why you were doing the things you want to stop. For instance, why you were snacking or overeating. Here you can see what the deeper need you have. It can be as simple as feeling a certain emotion or creating a change.  

If you need help moving through feeling stuck in old eating habits, I invite you to reach out.

To flow,


Certified Holistic Nutritionist.