Hello love,

I wanted to share more on weight loss because most emotional eaters that come to me want to lose weight. The reality is that weight and weight gain is a symptom of so much more. 

If you are an emotional eater that is the issue we need to address first. Weight tends to rebalance as we resolve emotional eating. 

When we are emotional eaters and we focus on weight we look at the solutions that are for “weight loss” which doesn’t address the deeper issue that is going on.

I want to share with you 3 reasons why you shouldn’t focus on weight as an emotional eater. 

1.Quick Fix Diets

One of the key reasons we shouldn’t focus on weight is that we tend to go towards the diets, the quick fixes, the restriction, the deprivation. This does not help us in the long term to have sustainable weight loss because it’s simplifying weight but as an emotional eater this is more complex. 

When we use these quick fixes they restrict us and make us use all of our willpower and we can’t sustain them. 

So, at the end of it we won’t get the result we want. Yes, in the short term you get a quick win. If you’re anything like I was or my clients you soon realize it’s not sustainable and you don’t feel good.

2. Quick Fix Exercise Plans

The second reason I don’t want you to focus on weight is because of the quick fix exercise plans. Of course we want to challenge ourselves but when we are so desperate to lose weight and have “this” body. Over exercising to get a certain body promises more happiness, love and acceptance as we push past our limits. This can do more damage to the body long term and make you gain weight. We are not honouring our bodies.

What I’ve seen in myself and in clients when we honour our body’s rhythms and rituals our body will get to it’s “healthy” in a sustainable way. With less push and no long term damage. 

If we continue to push past our limits physically this will damage the body and actually create more long term weight gain due to stress. 

3. Emotions

The 3rd area that is important tot look at as emotional eater and why I don’t want you to focus on the weight is that emotions under this pattern that we use food to cope with. When we focus on weight we are not focusing on the deeper issue. When we don’t process and resolve our emotions they get stored in the body and create inflammation and weight gain.

When we only focus on the weight we are missing the deeper underlying issue with emotions. We’re not focusing on processing them through the body and getting to the root of what is going on. 

When we focus on the weight alone we are not looking at the emotions on this deeper level and how they might be contributing to weight. 

The way I do this with clients In The Emotional Eating Evolution Program is with somatic meditations with psychotherapy tools. This is not simply about behaviour change but getting to the root and creating a way forward without willpower and effort.


The 3 points I mentioned help us to see that weight loss is a symptom and shouldn’t be a focus when you’re an emotional eater. When we focus on the quick fixes we get short term success and it is not sustainable. 

When we focus on what is really going on we get in touch with our true needs. When you are able to meet your true needs you will no longer feel agitated, anxious or like you need to  chase after the next magic bullet or diet.

This is how you start feeling more at ease, free and confident in your body and around food. You resolve your emotional eating from the root. You are no longer chasing a body to feel worthy. But are rebalancing from the inside to create your “healthy” body in a sustainable way. 

The Emotional Eating Evolution Program which is my step by step process, with lots of support, guidance, and meditations. We help you move through the root issues holding you back from resolving your emotional eating in a sustainable way. If you’re ready to resolve your emotional eating – apply + book in a call here.

In the program you shift to nourishing your body, accepting your body and having emotional wellness to sustainably resolve your emotional eating. This is not about weight loss but is can be a byproduct of the process as you find your “healthy”.



To wholeness,


Certified Holistic Nutritionist + Emotional Eating Expert