Hello love,

The title of this video is a bit triggering because we are a society that wants the magic bullet. 

I love those tips and tricks as well but when you’re spent years trying them and failing it’s time to look deeper.

If I think back…

My first therapist after a breakup told be to get my nails done and love myself. This did not connect for me. I had no idea how this was going to help me.

I went to see another therapist that focused on behaviour. I switched behaviours but it didn’t work because I couldn’t sustain them.

I tried these strategies but I couldn’t sustain it.

When you do the deeper work the tips and tricks become effortless and it’s not something meant to fix you. It’s more about adding to your life.

Emotional Eating

Of course with clients this pattern is deep rooted and goes back to childhood. So simply telling someone to do something simple without the deeper work makes it become a self sabotaging behaviour.

When clients come to work with me there is resistance that we need to address and the parts of them holding onto this pattern.

These practices don’t work for those of us with resistance and coping patterns. If you are just open and trying things then it can (possibly) work 🙂 

When we do these tips and think we’re doing the work. But when we don’t see any results this leaves us feeling we didn’t have enough willpower. This is not about willpower but about working subconsciously with our resistance as it has 95% power.

As a small step forward…

I found for me, if I felt good making a small change that encouraged me to move forward. This gave me momentum as I also worked with the parts blocking me from moving forward.

When I work with clients we work with the Emotional Eating Evolution Program.

Each step of the program we implement wins and also see where your resistance lies and move through it.

Check out the video for where you need to focus practically so we can uncover your blocks to moving forward.

If you are looking for more support and guidance to resolve your emotional eating book in an Emotional Eating Assessment call to see how The Emotional Eating Evolution Program can support your journey!

To sustainability,


Certified Holistic Nutritionist + Emotional Eating Expert.