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Why do small consistent steps lead to big health changes?
This is something I learned early on in my health journey when I was trying to change the way I was eating. I thought I had to change everything at once but that never worked because I always fell back into old habits. This makes sense as so much was changing at the same time.
Change is uncomfortable and making that much change is even more uncomfortable.
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So today I’m going to give you 5 reasons why making a small change is so impactful and powerful.

1. Doable.

Making a small change is very doable. When you make a small change you are able to maintain consistency more often than not. That consistency turns into a habit. Once you’re able to create that small change you’re able to create that consistent habit for yourself.

2. Accomplishment.

When you’re able to do that small thing everyday you start showing yourself you can make this change. This feeling of accomplishment can open you up to the possibility that you can make bigger changes.

3. Automatic.

This little change you make that becomes a habit, becomes almost automatic. It becomes part of our subconscious and we don’t have to put as much effort into doing it. Its not longer this challenging thing we have to do, it becomes part of our life.

4. Shows us we can make another change!

This small change that becomes a habit shows us we can make another change because we were able to make one.
5. Create a healthier lifestyle that is almost effortless!
All of these little steps to make this habit becomes automatic. If we add in another habit and another and look back we can see this healthy lifestyle we’ve created that is almost effortless.
If you always drink that glass of water every day you’ll maintain it but a power session at the gym one time a month won’t stick. This is the small deposit daily into the health account that leads to big savings (changes!). Consistency is key for health!
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