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I wanted to share about weight loss and emotional eating because they seem to go hand in hand. I see this theme for clients and this was my journey as well.

When I started my emotional eating journey I wanted to control my body and hunger. I didn’t realize there was emotional eating pattern under the surface so I did the typical things like diets, exercise and willpower to control my weight. I didn’t address what was really going on under the surface.

What I like to share with clients and in my seminar is that weight is a symptom and not  the problem. When we focus on a symptom we are not looking at the root cause. 

I want to shed light on this. 

The way I approach this with clients is different. I want to share why it’s important to set the foundation before we actively see weight loss especially for emotional eaters. To be clear I don’t focus on weight loss because we need to have the right foundation in place and address the things under the surface.

Those things happening under the surface of emotional eating amount to some kind of stress…

Those things happening under the surface of emotional eating amount to some kind of stress. Stress is cortisol and is chronic in emotional eaters. A lot of my clients are under physical, mental and emotional stress. 

Stress makes us hold onto water and excess weight in areas we don’t want it to. Resolving this is not necessarily based on what you’re eating or how you move alone but they are part of the solution.

Check out the video below where I dive into the 3 main areas of stress that impact emotional eaters and how they impact weight. 

If this resonates with you and you’re ready to get to the root of your emotional eating I would love to invite you to book in an Emotional Eating Assessment call to see if The Emotional Eating Evolution Program can support you.

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