Hello love,

Usually in the emotional eating world we say emotional eating is not about the food…

which I agree with but this is not the big picture. 

Food does play a part. 

Why IS Emotional eating about the food?

I started with diets because I thought that is how I could control my body and out of control hunger. But it was more than that.

I discovered that my poor food choices messed up my digestion and put me in poor moods. This  would trigger me into more emotional eating. I go into this more in this week’s video below. 

I also share:

-Why processed foods give us a “high”

-the gut – brain – mood connection

-the importance of nourishment in reducing our emotional eating and binging

I also covered When Emotional Eating isn’t about the food – with body acceptance and emotional wellness. Here we dive into the deeper roots of emotional eating.

To find out how food IS + ISN’T connected to emotional eating check out this week’s video below.

To resolution!


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