Hello lovely,

Emotional eating is the main thing clients come to me for but it also impacts other areas of their health. This was the same for me as well.

Some of the issues that come us are:

-digestive issues

-inflammatory issues

-weight gain

-low energy

-feeling uncomfortable in the body

Emotional eating is the main root of this.  As clients work on their emotional eating in The Emotional Eating Evolution Program the other issues lessen as well.

What is emotional eating?

Emotional eating – is when you use food to soothe uncomfortable emotions that come up. Using food helps you to temporarily feel calm. Food is used to distract, dismiss or avoid any discomfort. When you do that you are not looking at the emotion. You put food on top of the emotion like a bandaid. 

This is because food feels good in the body and we release feel good chemicals which temporarily makes us feel better. 

What are emotions and trauma?

Emotions are biochemicals in the body that need to run their course and be felt. They remain in the body when left unprocessed (we ignore them).

This is usually the result of a trauma which is an unresolved event that left you feeling dysregulated. So you used food to cope. 

When you get triggered into a similar situation the emotion is triggered BUT you’ve learned to go to food to soothe instead of being with your emotion. This happens as a quick reaction.

This is typical because you weren’t taught to regulate yourself by your caregivers and they possibly had the same pattern with emotions and food.

Stuck emotions and stress

The unprocessed emotions build up in certain areas of the body and stay stuck. This can create chronic stress which impacts our hormones, our immunity, creates inflammation and weight gain.

These unprocessed emotions create chronic stress over time as they are constantly triggered. Then you use food to soothe which doesn’t help resolve the root issue. Over time this compounds our health issues. 

In order to resolve this we need a deeper solution. 

The solution I use with clients is 3 parts:

  1. True Nourishment – a layer to their pattern is dieting and not knowing how to nourish our bodies. We need to deeply nourish the body after it has been under stress to build up our nervous system. Know the difference to true and emotional hunger.
  2. Body Acceptance – You usually punish and criticize to feel a certain way, this creates more stress and cycling back into emotional eating. You need to come back to body acceptance and appreciation.
  3. Emotional Wellness – process out the emotions under the emotional eating, get into the subconscious pattern. Allowing you to process, meet your true needs and move forward. You also feel safe in your body and can be that container you needed. 

As we work through these 3 areas we resolve your emotional eating in a holistic and sustainable way.

You no longer run to the latest diet, exercise plan or talk therapy because they haven’t worked in the past and don’t address emotional eating at the root.

This has been powerful for my clients as well as myself. 

If this resonates with you I would love to invite you to apply to the 12 week program HERE where there is tons of support, community and a step by step plan to help you get to the root of your emotional eating and leave you feeling confident around food and in your body. 

To deep healing,


Certified Holistic Nutritionist + Emotional Eating Expert