Hello love,

I wanted to share why you feel taken over by emotional eating. 

Usually this looks like you are out of control with food and…

-Something completely takes you over and you feel like a bus hit you. You don’t taste the  food and go through several portions.

-Watching yourself going to the fridge but not being able to stop yourself

-Consciously giving in because you feel like you have no choice

These are some of the ways I’ve seen clients get taken over. They also tend to this this alone or hide because of the intense shame they feel.

They’ve also exhausted “all” the things that they think will help like the diets, exercise, surgery, pills, therapy etc.

So why do you feel like you’re being taken over?

Because you are. You develop this pattern when you are younger to help cope with uncomfortable emotions or distress. You may have looked to our parents to model how to regulate or validate you. But this usually doesn’t happen because they weren’t modelled this themselves. They may have also shamed you because we were too sensitive.

Emotions and stress are felt on a body level  and when we can’t move them we tend to cope. Cue using food as an escape because it makes you feel good and takes the edge off. It doesn’t get rid of the discomfort but gives temporary relief. This is a bandaid.

We get triggered again and again which over time solidifies the pattern. Usually it becomes an issue when you see the physical manifestation of it. Like feeling out of control with food + our body along with digestive issues, chronic inflammation, disease, weight gain etc. 

If we look at this pattern on a deeper level you create this part of you that says “let’s emotionally eat” to deal with this stress. 

This is almost like you have multiple parts inside. This part steps in when stress arises to emotionally eat. It is powerful as it is subconscious. This is why our conscious self feels like ti is being taken over.

Because it is 😐

How can we resolve this?

When we try the diets, and external things it is simply putting more layers on this part. There is still no communication and no real change can happen until we connect to this part and help it transform.

The way I love to do this with clients is through the different phases of The Emotional Eating Evolution Program which includes somatic meditations with parts work to develop this relationship. This helps to meet your true needs and to move forward in a healthier way.

This is how we come home to ourselves and connect back to all of us. This releases the pattern at the root and allows you to create a new way forward feeling at ease, free and confident around food and in your body. 

This is transformation and how we resolve this pattern at the root. 

If you are ready to resolve your emotional eating I invite you to check out more about The Emotional Eating Evolution Program where we go through this process of reconnecting you back to YOU so you can feel at ease around for and in your body. 

To being whole,


Certified Holistic Nutritionist + Emotional Eating Guide