Hello love,

The diet mentality keeps you stuck in the emotional eating cycle. Women are sold that if they find the right diet/pill/surgery they will get a handle on their emotional eating.

That if you just control your hunger and body you will be ok.

I tried every diet in an effort to control my body because I didn’t know what was *really* going on.

Diets don’t get to the root of emotional eating and they make it worse.

They play into our insecurities around our body. Diets play into restriction of our body with calories, what we can eat, when to eat, that we are good or bad. 

We are not checking in with our body. We look externally to the diet. 

Even those not on a “diet” have a diet mentality because it is all around us. 

Diet’s don’t…

Diets don’t take into account our unique body, energy levels, activity levels etc. 

Diets don’t focus on nourishment and vibrancy but and only on size and shape.

Diets perpetuate a controlling mentality around our body because we don’t understand what is really creating our emotional eating. 

I get it, it’s hard to break out of the diet mentality. When all diet roads led to failure I had to make a difficult choice and find a new way. I chose to feel good whether I gained/lost or stayed the same. It was ultimately a freeing choice and I felt more confident in my body and around food.

So how can we move past this? 

What we need to move past our emotional eating:

  • relearn a new way and come back to our body in terms of nourishment, true hunger, digestion and more
  • accept your body where it is at right now as a base to change without punishing yourself or criticizing.
  • look at the emotions under the emotional eating which are running the show. Get to the root and transform them so you can meet your true needs.

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To feeling good in your body and around food,

~Michelle Lall

Certified Holistic Nutritionist + Emotional Eating Expert

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