Hello love,


This week I wanted to give you something that can give you a lot more awareness on your emotional eating. This is such a trying time and the emotions are high. When you are more confined you have a lot more opportunities to really see yourself and what is happening. 


Especially being at home and in such proximity to food and the fridge. You don’t have the distractions of being at work, leaving or other things you use to cope. So food will be your main coping mechanism especially if you don’t know how to get into your emotions. So if you are using food and eating for any reason this will be an amazing exercise for you.


Whenever we are in a situation that we have no other outlet to help with the emotions that are coming up we use whatever we have on had to cope. Of course if you are an emotional eater you use food. 

This week I am going to ask you to do a few things. If you find that you are overeating, binge eating or emotionally eating  take this week to start noticing yourself. 


Instead of focusing on the types of foods you are eating start to notice right before you  overeat/emotionally eat/binge the following.


*Note: you can do this after this happens if you’re not aware at the moment. 


Ask Yourself:

What am I feeling

Did something bother me

When does this happen, what time of day

Who am I with

BONUS: What foods am I drawn to. 


Next Steps


When you are able to answer all these questions you start gathering a lot more information and awareness about what is going on. This awareness will help you see when you might want to binge or eat to cope or distract. The more you recognize that, you can STOP and start to write out what is happening or feeling. 


There is some emotion under there leading you to the fridge that is not processed. Something you don’t want to feel or think about. But if your goal is to get a handle on your emotional eating it is important to look at what is going on underneath rather than eat the food to feel better temporarily. 


Especially because this quarantine time is much longer now.


This is an important exercise to do. 


Because you will keep repeating the pattern but if each week you can slow it down by noticing you will EMPOWER yourself more and more. 


Questions? Leave a comment below!


To awareness,


Certified Holistic Nutritionist.