I am on my 4th week on my foray into eating more raw foods. It’s been amazing and came at a time I needed to be taking care of myself. I just finished teacher’s college (graduation is tomorrow) and was studying for a french exam (which I passed!). Beyond my love of natural, unprocessed food comes other loves; such as science, teaching and french.

J’adore Paris!

Last summer I was fortunate enough to do a french exchange to France. I love the way the french think about life; good food, friends and time to enjoy it all! There is something about french culture that really resonates with me.

Initially, I stayed in Paris for a week eating rice and beans which I prepared in my hostel (thanks to a kitchen)  and I would buy raw veggies and ‘picnic’ everyday. This sustained me for the week in Paris and for a month in Tours, the city in which I did my exchange.

Fortunately, I stayed with a French woman who prepared my dinners but I was on my own for lunch! My ‘picnic’ style lunch prevailed. Easily enough I found lots of fresh vegetables and that maintained my nutrition levels throughout my time in France. From this I realized how important eating well is while away. Your body and mind are constantly adjusting and that causes stress on the system, therefore one needs to take extra care!

A small treat, some days picnicing was hard 🙂

My french madame was inspiring in a few ways. The first day I met her I had come down with a cold. She instantly knew what to do. She gave me a ’tisane’ as they would say in french. A tea made of turmeric, honey and lemon in hot water. I had to drink this a few times a day. It really helped me. Even now I drink this if I feel a cold coming on.

Ayurvedic/French Herbal tea for colds

  • 1 tsp turmeric
  • 1 tsp honey
  • 1/4 lemon
  • 1 cup hot water

Place turmeric, lemon and honey into a large cup or bowl and mix well. Add hot water and stir. Drink!

This french madame also inspired my current kitchen. All her foods could be seen displayed throughout her kitchen, and it had such a homey and welcoming/ creative vibe. I loved seeing spices, fruits, and seeds all displayed and have done the same to my kitchen. A definite feast for the eyes, if you ask me. And so my kitchen is small but I am surrounded my fruits, spices and beautiful colors. And sprouts.

Sometimes life is very simple, I love things the more simple they are 🙂

Have a great Wednesday!