Hello love,

So when you think about resolving your emotional eating, what is the vision you have for yourself? 

Where do you see yourself after you have resolved your emotional eating pattern? 

Something that’s really interesting is that when I talk to lot of women and I ask them, what’s your vision?  What are you able to do? 

A lot of the times they feel like they’ve been living in this pain of constantly thinking about food, constantly thinking about their body, constantly going to food, feeling out of control around food, that to imagine life with that much mental space is a foreign concept.

(psst…it doesn’t have to be)

What I want to share with you is what you can look forward to. The Vision after you resolve your emotional eating…

Because it’s not just about not having those obsessive thoughts about food, those obsessive thoughts about your body. It’s about moving forward, feeling good in your body, having more mental space that you can do other things, and shift your focus.

My journey

When I was first on my emotional eating journey, something that helped me move forward was this vision I had for myself. I just want to feel at ease around food, at ease in my body, to go through life not having to eat all the cookies or punish my body.

I just wanted to have that ease and confidence I saw women having around me that I didn’t have for myself.

I could feel this desire, this pull towards what these women seemed to have. I wanted that.

So ask yourself, what do you want? 

Deep down, we know we’re not meant to be obsessing about food and our body, it doesn’t feel healthy. Once we’re able to see that vision of the ease and peace around food we can go beyond it.

When clients start resolving their emotional eating…

  • There’s more mental space. 
  • Their relationships improve because they’re no longer feeling this shame and constantly obsessing about food. 
  • They can be more present. 
  • They can connect with others.
  • They’re not as irritable or grumpy. 
  • They can be that role model to their kids. 
  • They can show up in their life the way they want to, with confidence and ease.
  • They go after a lot of their goals. 

My clients are ambitious women, but under the surface this pattern is taking up a lot of mental real estate and space. It’s eating into their self esteem, their confidence, their health and well being.

But when the emotional eating layer is resolved, it just opens them up to more evolution, wholeness, and peace. 

It opens up this whole new world…

Some examples

So for me, when I started to resolve my emotional eating, because I was on a different career trajectory, I was in science and then going into teaching. But as I started resolving my emotional eating, I started to fall in love with food and connect to food and to my body and to the sense of how good I felt in my body.

I was so inspired. I wanted to then teach women how to connect with food and to use foods and it’s properties. I was just so excited about that.

So it started to shift what I wanted to do with my career and move forward. Of course, as I moved into holistic nutrition, all the clients I worked with had this emotional eating pattern underneath. So I had to combine the two and start diving into how to resolve emotional eating so that they could have that amazing relationship to food and their body.

It’s possible to get to your vision

If you have that desire inside of you to resolve your emotional eating, it is possible. I’ve done it. My clients have done it.

So when I started this journey, I didn’t know what the steps were. I was just taking the next best step forward that would help me get to the sense of feeling good and relief and that I was on the right track. That’s how I created The Emotional Eating Evolution Program, just simply going step by step. From that methodology, my clients have been able to get to their vision. 

For example, I had one client say she wanted to eat like the French have an amazing, beautiful meal. That’s something she admired people doing and when she was done the meal, she was done. She was able to do that at the end of the program.

Other clients, they just want to eat and then leave the meal and not have to think about it. They don’t want to be binging at night, they don’t want to wake up with digestive issues. They want to feel good in their body, they want to get to their healthy, they want to stop the obsession. 

All of this is possible.

Something that was important to me before I had my son was being that role model to him. Because kids don’t do what you say, they do what you model to them. I wanted my son to have a healthy relationship to food, his body and to himself. I’m happy to say he’s super aware of food, his emotions and what his body needs. 


So if you are ready to jump into your vision and you’re more curious about the how, you can find out more about The Emotional Eating Evolution Program here. This is a twelve week container with support, guidance, a step by step methodology and in depth tools to get to the root of your emotional eating so that you can finally get to that ease and confidence and peace that you’re desiring. Find out more HERE.


Certified Holistic Nutritionist Specializing in Emotional Eating