“When we learn to eat properly, we begin to rebuild our bodies and to fulfill our purpose on this planet: to grow in health, creativity, wisdom and compassion.”  

-Dr. Ann Wigmore, Living Foods Lifestyle Textbook

Detoxification is such a hot buzzword these days, but what is it?


Detoxification is a process that naturally occurs in the human body. The main routes for detoxification are via the liver, kidneys, the lungs, colon, and skin. Our body continually detoxifies itself but when it is stressed or overloaded the body cannot keep up with its detoxification and ‘symptoms’, such as acne, lethargy, headaches, aches, bloating and gas may occur. Who wants that? It is important to look at these symptoms as the body’s way of saying “I need a break, I need to cleanse!”

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Holistic Nutritionist.