Hello love,

Today I wanted to share with you what it takes to actually resolve your emotional eating. What it takes to resolve those emotions under the emotional eating. I struggled with emotional eating for many years and the women I work with have the same struggle. 

We don’t realize what is really going on with our emotional eating. We might think we need to diet and exercise more or have more control. A big part of emotional eating are the emotions underneath the emotional eating. 

Emotional eating is when we use food to cope with our emotions – using food to distract us from how we’re feeling. We don’t want to feel out of control, feel the anxiety or any other emotion we feel is uncomfortable. A lot of the times the emotional eating is automatic.

When I realized that I was emotionally eating I knew the diets and exercise would only take me so far. I started to put all the pieces together. Today I’m going to share with you one piece of the puzzle and what I found. 

What I found:

1. We are unequipped to really process our emotions. Our parents modelled to us ways that distracted, suppressed invalidated what we felt. They may have used food or we discovered how to use it. 

2. When we keep going back to food to feel better this becomes an automatic pattern that is hard to break. It takes a lot of effort and discipline and can keep us in these cycles for years. It did for me.

3.Our brain loves patterns and emotional eating is a coping pattern. So we will default in times of stress unless we have support and guidance to keep us going. 

That’s why I was in this pattern and it was almost so automatic and unconscious. And, you know, the big takeaway for me from that is how do I change this pattern?

How do I move past this pattern? 

1. Learn how to resourcefully BE with our emotions. The method I use I have found to be really deep and lets us feel safe feeling our emotions. this takes time and we need support and guidance.

2. We need support; if you have been in this cycle for years it makes it harder to break on your own. This pattern has kept you safe and will kick and scream if you change too quickly or in a way that is unsafe. You’ll give up and go back to the old way feeling miserable. 

3. I still have support with my deep emotional issues even though I can process on my own most of the time. We need modelling and to LEARN what we were not taught.

Emotions, what they are, what they mean in our life, how to process and resolve and move through them is such an integral and key part of the Emotional Eating Evolution program. If we don’t know what emotions are, we’ll be really afraid and nervous to dive into them.

We need a gentler approach to go deeper. if you are feeling like this is making sense to you, that you have this pattern, that you need more support, accountability and guidance, then I invite you to book a complimentary emotional eating assessment call.

Our emotions are so key and we need to really understand and go deeper in them when we’re resolving emotional eating. And this is not just at a surface level. This is going much deeper into the body, it’s not about just talking about it, it’s really processing, resolving and moving through it on a body and somatic level.

To clarity,


Certified Holistic Nutritionist + Emotional Eating Expert