Hello love,

When clients start working with me they think they need more control and willpower.

If they could just sustain that they would be able to conquer their emotional eating. 

I get it – I really desired that relationship to food that didn’t make me feel out of control. I would see women being normal around food and wanted that.

As emotional eaters we are given advice to eat less, don’t eat past this time etc. Advice about control. So of course we think we are lacking control and willpower.

I remember trying to make all the changes and my therapist helping me with behavioural changes as well. Nothing would stick.

Of course now I know we need to look at the root before there is any real change. 

Changing our behaviour on the surface doesn’t create sustainable change. I see this with clients all the time. 

We need to go beyond control and find what is true and aligned for us. This is how we can create sustainable change with food and our body and create that healthy relationship we desire.

Emotional eating is multifaceted and there so many layers beyond controlling our behaviour to resolve this pattern.

If we think of emotional eating as an iceberg, changing our behaviour is at the very top. Below there are all these roots we need to move through.

When I work with clients in The Emotional Eating Evolution Program we move through 3 key areas to resolve emotional eating. These are the roots. 

  1. Food and moving toward true nourishment and optimized digestion

This area is key because we have been fed that diet mentality and way of being with food. Here we go deeper into our body’s true needs for nourishment (supplements + herbs as well), so that we are not restricting or falling into diet rules . We are meeting the body’s need for nourishment + actively optimizing digestion which leads to better mood. We are also discerning true from emotional hunger so that we know what to do when we are emotional. This will help us with bingeing + emotional eating.

This is not about control but tuning back into your body and connecting to it.

  1. Our body and accepting it’s rhythms and needs

Here we move away from externally pushing + punishing our body which triggers emotional eating. We accept our body and it’s rhythms, energy and changes. From true acceptance we rely less on food and can create true transformation. The body will release what no longer serves it as it’s true needs as met. This can translate to feeling more ease in the body, releasing weight and health issues lessening or going away especially digestive issues.

When you accept your body you are not punishing it, you meet it’s true needs and this will reduce emotional eating.

  1. Emotional wellness

Here we get into the emotions running the emotional eating pattern. We process any trauma, resolve it and integrate at a body level. We start meeting our true needs by resolving these emotions and shift the pattern. This is not about control but resolution so we can move forward in a powerful + healthy way.

When we implement these 3 keys we will feel more at ease in our body, more free and confident in our body and around food. As we do this work initially we create a way that is more easeful and effortless. You will be internally motivated to keep going because you will feel good from the inside as you meet your true needs. 

This goes from control to understanding and honouring your needs. This is how we create profound change. 

We do this inside of The Emotional Eating Evolution Program with support, guidance and a step by step plan. Find out more here. 

To resolution,


Certified Holistic Nutritionist + Emotional Eating Expert