Hello beautiful!

In today’s video I wanted to talk about the concept of deprivation and dieting. This is a feeling that comes along with diets in my experience. I remember when I used to yo-yo diet and felt restricted and deprived.

Back then I felt deprived of all the junk food I had to cut out! I felt deprived of cookies, cakes, chocolate. Today not so much 🙂

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I want to flip that deprivation mindset to something that is more helpful to your health. Food is neither good or bad but rather more health giving or depleting.

Think about what are you depriving yourself of that will give you health.

What are you depriving yourself of?

Are you depriving yourself of kale?

Are you depriving yourself of nutrients?

Are you depriving yourself of amazing fruits and vegetables? Antioxidants?

Are you depriving yourself of things that will boost your health or will deplete it?

You can ask yourself these questions to help shift your perspective!

I remember cutting out all chocolate (can you imagine?) for a month and relied on willpower. (While I wouldn’t go cold turkey on any food today, that was my mentality back then).

Flip the deprivation talk – what healthy foods are you depriving yourself of?

If you start to add in foods that have health benefits and that make you feel good you will no longer feel deprived. Real food nourishes and balances you.  You can also offset deprivation by adding in desserts and snacks that are healthy (yes!) and taste AMAZING, or at least don’t deprive you of your health.

Did you see my Super Sunflower Seed Truffles yet? I also have tons of sweet treats on the blog that are nourishing, decadent and add to your health. You can also have ‘junk food’ (I like to advocate for an 80:20 rule). BUT I promise you once you find a healthy version that tastes amazing you will choose the healthier version!

When you deprive yourself in the short term you set yourself up for failure. It’s too quick and intense to be sustainable. Changes that are more conscious and make you feel good stick! In essence I am asking you to add in an abundance of beautiful health promoting foods.

What are you depriving yourself of? The foods that create health or deplete it?

Let me know if you feel deprived with the way you are eating? Please leave a comment or email me at [email protected]. I would love to know your thoughts and experience!

To an abundance of health!


Holistic Nutritionist.