Hello love,

When I was going through my own emotional eating journey I didn’t realize that I was triggered. i just felt our of control of my body and around food.

Food and nourishment does play a role in our emotional eating but triggers are important to help us track our emotional eating and have more awareness. 

When I work with clients we are looking at what triggers our emotional eating. It could be a certain time of day, a person, stress at work, and event, etc.

This gives us a potent doorway into how to resolve our emotional eating. 

In The Emotional Eating Evolution Program we work on triggers in a certain way. We work through triggers in a step by step way that follows the phases in the program.

Triggers with True Nourishment + Strategic Digestion phase

  • not eating enough – triggers bingeing
  • indigestion will trigger mood and emotional eating
  • are you satisfying your hunger on all levels – can trigger bingeing

Triggers with the Body Acceptance phase

  • Getting deep sleep> if we are not getting that deep sleep that triggers hunger and moods
  • what is our energy like based on our cycle and lifestyle factors which can impact mood and emotional eating

Triggers with Emotional Wellness phase

  • look for deeper triggers with the traumas/unresolved emotions under our emotional eating
  • use the triggers to dive into the body and process on a somatic level with guided or 1:1 meditations so we meet our needs and shift the emotional eating pattern.

We are looking at all the triggers we may be experiencing. So triggers are a pathway to see what is going on for us. I see this time and time again with clients because they have different areas of their life we need to optimize to help with emotional eating and so we work through triggers in this systematic way.

I support and guide clients through this process inside of The Emotional Eating Evolution Program. This is a holistic approach to resolving emotional eating which gets to the root. 


If this resonates and you are looking for support and guidance in resolving your emotional eating please book in an Emotional Eating Assessment call here. On the call we get clear on your where you are at, your goals and how to bridge the gap. 

To resolution,


Certified Holistic Nutritionist + Emotional Eating Guide