Hello lovely,


Today I wanted to share some tips to feel more stable, certain and less derailed during these uncertain times. I totally get it I am going through it too. My routine has been shifted as my son is at home more and not at school. This upheaval in routine throws everything off and on top of it destabilizes you. It’s not that we have not experienced uncertain times but what is happening feels really big because we are all going through it together. 


As an emotional eater you turn to food as a coping mechanism and this time can be difficult. You will turn to food to alleviate all of these up and down emotions. So, I wanted to share some simple tips to get you into a routine and a structure which creates a sense of safety so your emotions aren’t up and down, or less so. 


Here are the tips!

1. The first tip is creating a morning routine 

          • When you wake up take 5 minutes to sit and breathe/meditate or journal to connect with yourself and your body. This creates an anchor.
          • Head to the kitchen and have some water! Start with 1 glass on warm water and 1/2 a lemon squeezed in. Then keep drinking warm water until you are hungry. I drink about 1 L. We are dehydrated when we wake up and this helps to rehydrate us and boosts our system.

2. Tune into your hunger

          • We think we are hungry when we wake up but we are really dehydrated (see tip 1 above).
          • If you feel hungry, sip some water and see if it satisfies you (ie no more stomach growling)
          • If you feel hunger check if you are really thirsty, need to eat or “want something” to eat.
          • Notice what true hunger feels like for you; is it a stomach growl, a small empty feeling, etc. This will help you connect to your body. 
          • You might notice you don’t need breakfast until about an hour after you wake up if you are hydrated. It might be longer or shorter, keep tuning into your hunger! You’ll notice that “emotional” hunger is not physical but in your head!

3. When you are feeling “hungry” and realize it is emotional

          • Stop and start to journal what you are feeling for 5 minutes while feeling where in your body feels tight and almost writing with a focus there.
          • Do a body meditation where you focus your attention on the parts of your body that feel tight/restricted or in pain. Start with 5 or 10 minutes. More or less depending on how much time you have. You should notice a softening or easing up of the tightness in the body, possibly a release of emotions and allowing of feelings.
          • Go for a walking meditation where you walk and feel into the tightness in your body. This is not to distract but rather connect to what you are feeling. 

These tips are a great start but if you need more support please  leave a comment below!



To stability,


Certified Holistic Nutritionist.