Hello beautiful!

Today I wanted to share with you tips for hydrated and glowing skin in flight!


I love travelling and flying. While I love to fly,  the quality of the air, food and water is not the best in flight. When you are so high in the sky there is more radiation so you want the most nutrition in your skin care and food.


For in flight travel pack quality products that are organic, and wildcrafted. You also want products that can keep hydration in. 

Here is my current list to make sure your skin is hydrated and glowing in flight. Check out the video below or scroll down.



Glowing + Hydrated Skin  In Flight Travel List

  1. Everybody Loves Sunshine Oil by Living Libations. This oil is super moisturizing and made for the sun so it would be perfect for the dryness of an airplane. It is made solely with organic and wildcrafted oils. Love that! It also has tons of antioxidants to make sure your skin is nourished.


2. Shea Butter – this is a great multipurpose butter. You can use it on your lips and if you need extra moisture this is great. It is also solid so you wont have to worry about liquid guidelines 🙂 Shea butter is rich in vitamin A, E and essential fatty acids. This provides UV protection (SPF ~6) and the nutrients necessary for collagen production.


3. Josh Rosenbrook Hydrating Accelerator – this is an amazing mist you can spray if you feel your skin is a bit dry and you don’t need to touch your face. It is really refreshing and wakes you up! It is great for your hair as well. The ingredients are amazing, again made with organic oils and organic foods to really nourish your skin! Check out the link and look at those ingredients 🙂 


4. Organic Lip Balm – I didn’t put a brand because there are so many at my local health food store. Look for organic ingredients (shea butter, cacao butter) with very few ingredients and avoid the dirty dozen chemicals.


5. Dr. Bronner’s Hand Sanitizer – this is a great alternative to traditional hand sanitizers. 


6. Bring organic peppermint tea bags with you. While I would rather not have the hot water on an airplane, mint tea is great for helping with indigestion. 

7. Bring your own reusable water bottle! This reminds you to hydrate internally (the most important). I usually buy water before I board and fill it up. I prefer reverse osmosis water (Dasani) rather than tap water but in either case be sure to drink about 1 cup (250ml) of water per hour. I also buy an extra bottle of water depending on the length of the flight.


9. Take hydration foods on board, raw fruits and vegetables are your best friend! Also, they are easy to digest which is important as it can be harder on the digestive system when you fly.


I hope these tips help you enjoy travel more! It is so freeing. Let me know if you have any questions – I would love to hear from you. Do you have any travelling tips to stay hydrated? Let me know!


To travel!



Certified Holistic Nutritionist.