This is the last video in the 3 part series of getting to the root cause of acne from a holistic perspective. This last video on chemicals and the environment may not be obvious in how it relates to acne but it does! Check out part 1 (digestion and food) here and part 2 (emotions) here to get filled in.


To recap, the liver is our main detoxifying organ and impacts the health of our skin. Our liver impacts everything in the body but the focus is on acne for this series. The liver is one of our 7 eliminative channels (skin is one of them, you can find out more about that in video 1).

Here is the video:


Chemicals in Products


The liver is impacted by the chemicals (products we use) and our environment. We can start to use better products and start to eliminate dirty dozen chemicals. This guide lists the chemicals in personal care products that are carcinogenic, hormone disrupting and toxic. 


So why eliminate these chemicals? Because what we put on our skin absorbs into our blood. And the liver filters our blood along with these chemicals. This addition of chemicals adds to the work the liver is doing to keep us healthy.  With all the chemicals we are exposing ourselves to this may overwhelm the liver. This is especially the case if you are seeing signs of acne (and other ailments).


A simple rule of thumb…


A simple rule of thumb I like is using things that are closer to nature. Things you would literally eat. Also, finding beauty brands that are non toxic and at the very least avoid the dirty dozen chemicals.


Our Environment


Do you live with in a city? Near a park? In nature?


Cities are polluted and in order to reduce that pollution in day to day life you can choose the following:

-choose to live near a park

-go to the park regularly 

-go to wooded areas

-open your windows

-buy an air purifier

-use air purifying plants (here are the 10 best to cleanse the air of chemical compounds)


The liver is detox our blood from the myriad of chemicals we are exposed to.  The more we add to the body in all the areas I mentioned Food, Digestion, Emotional, environmental and chemical the more we overburden the liver. If the liver is overburdened that leads to other eliminative channels being used (like the skin). This results in acne.


I hope that helps. I invite you to leave a comment or question.


To holistic health and clear skin 😉 



Certified Holistic Nutritionist.