Hello love,

We usually think it is something on the surface we need to “fix” in order to move past our emotional eating. 

Maybe learn how to control…

…our bodies

…our hunger

We need more discipline and willpower?

I thought this too. Trying all the diets and exercise. 

Thinking if we had THAT body we would finally feel at ease in our body and acceptable.

Control doesn’t give us that result. 

I thought something was wrong with me.  I desperately wanted that acceptance. 

After hitting many rock bottoms I realized I had to get to the root of it.

Check out the video to find out:

-Where emotional eating begins

-Using food to cope

-When emotional eating becomes an issue

-The real root of emotional eating and the solution I’ve found that gets to the root to resolve it 🙂 

-More about my journey and results 

If you’re looking for more support with your emotional eating, I would love to invite you to book in an Emotional Eating Assessment Call to see if the Emotional Eating Evolution Program is a good fit for you. 

To resolution,


Certified Holistic Nutritionist + Emotional Eating Expert