Hello love,

Today I wanted to share a bit more about The Emotional Eating Journey and what I see when I guide clients through the process in The Emotional Eating Evolution Program (EEE).

I want to share with you what I see with clients because when I was working through my own emotional eating it looked very different. It took me many years to move through this pattern and now it takes my clients a fraction of the time.

My journey took many years and lots of trial and error to figure out what to do and what I needed to resolve this pattern at a deeper level.

When my clients join The EEE Program it has lots of support, guidance, somatic mediations and a step by step process.  

It’s important to have a process, because as I’m sure you’ve experienced as you try the different diets and willower your way through that you derail yourself, you fall off and your willpower dries up. 

Part of the reason that happens is the fault of the diet because it is not getting at the deeper roots of this pattern. 

But part of it is our resistance to change. 


Resistance is something I see with clients as we move through the process. Within the first few weeks there is resistance to making changes. These changes can be small but nevertheless resistance will come up.

It is important for me to see the resistance that comes up for my clients in terms of doubts, not being able to make something work, etc. It won’t always be smooth sailing but there is always a solution to those limiting beliefs. 

Nothing is perfect. We are all different and unique and our journey will be different. As we move through the resistance and add in one thing at a time and feel good, that is the motivation that will keep us moving forward. 

This is not about willpowering our way no matter what. It is about getting a payoff from our action that feels good that keeps the momentum forward. 


Having guidance and support week to week, helps us “see” the different pieces of resistance that comes up. We get to work through the emotional eating pattern in real time and move through the resistance around it.

As we are moving through the program we are also building the foundation so we can go deeper into the patterns creating the emotional eating and resolve them from the root. 

2 Types of Resistance

There are 2 main types of resistance I see to resolving emotional eating. Some resistance can be moved through with coaching but for the deeper blocks we work thorough them in the somatic meditations. This is usually the main ones creating the emotional eating pattern and are from a type of trauma. 

The journey looks like up, down, up, down but the overall arc is upwards. This is growth and something we need to understand. As my clients go through the program they gain more awareness, feel better and stick to things they haven’t been able to in the past.

Areas of Support

Clients are supported in a few areas because the emotional eating pattern is multilayered.  They are supported through learning to truly nourish themselves, accepting their body and emotional wellness. Each piece feeds into the other to build momentum to resolve their emotional eating in a holistic way. 

Learning Compassion

Through the program and their journey clients learn to have more compassion for themselves. I think this is drastically missing in a lot of solutions aimed at emotional eaters. I have a lot of compassion for my clients because I understand the journey. I understand how we create patterns like emotional eating and how trauma plays into that. How we can be so hard on ourselves which makes us more stuck in our patterns.

Compassion becomes extremely important when we are doing the deeper work and especially the trauma work. We need to have compassion and understanding for ourselves. This is what creates true resolution and helps us to move forward.

From Punishment to Compassion

Most of the times what I see with my clients is that they are too hard on themselves. They are coming from a  diet mentality and have been on really restrictive diets. Usually, there is a strong restrictive and punishing mindset. 

In The EEE Program we shift to listening to your body and taking in the suggestions made to see if they land. Having compassion helps when you can’t do the action because of resistance. A lot of the diet and exercise plans tell you to bulldoze and push past yourself. When you do that you make that part stronger and you will get pulled back into old pattens and collapse. 

I’ve seen so many women willpower their way and then what they pushed down (what ever emotions, sadness, depression, etc.)  it bubbles up and derails them. 

Working with all of you…

In The Emotional Eating Evolution Program we work with these parts of you to find resolution.  We look at all of you. This is why compassion is important for yourself and your process. I would never want you to push away parts of yourself. Every part of you was created in an effort to meet your needs (even in unhealthy ways) and so we want to work with these parts, transform them and then we are able to move forward in an aligned way. 

So that’s what it looks like for my clients. There is resistance and we work with it but the overall arc is moving towards resolution. 

This is a sustainable way of working with emotional eating. Emotional eating is the doorway to your evolution. Compassion, understanding and integration is so key in this. This leads to you feeling more freedom, ease and confidence in your body and around food. 

I hope this helps you see the process and let’s you know that growth is not a straight line.

If you are ready to resolve your emotional eating from the root then I invite you to book in an Emotional Eating Assessment call here to discuss your goals, where you are at and how we can help bridge that gap. 

To the journey,


Certified Holistic Nutritionist + Emotional Eating Expert