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Today I wanted to share with you how certain symptoms are connected to your emotional eating pattern.

They might seem separate, but I’m going to show you how they’re interconnected. It’s important to get to the root of your emotional eating because that is what’s creating all of these ripple effects. 

Emotional Eating is a coping mechanism, and it begins in childhood. It’s where we use food to numb out and cope with any discomfort or distress that’s coming up in our life. Most likely because we didn’t have parents or caregivers that were able to help us move through this discomfort and get back to a state of calm. 

Stress vs. Calm in The Nervous System

This is really key and important. We have to look at this physiologically.

When our nervous system is in fight or flight, which is what happens when we’re coping, we’re in a survival mode. This turns on all of these different symptoms and can lead to bigger and bigger issues down the road. 

When we are in rest and digest, that turns on another set of we can call symptoms or a mode. In our nervous system. It is a more pleasant mode to be in, and it’s where we want to be in most of the time.

So when we are in survival mode and our nervous system is in fight or flight, this turns on the stress response in our body (ie cortisol). This stress response directly impacts our digestion, inflammation, our immune system, and it impacts how our body holds on to weight.

I’ll dive in deeper with how these areas are going to be impacted by the way you interact with emotional eating. 

When we are in a rest and digest mode, when our nervous system is in a calm mode which is the state for health. We are also in better moods, have better digestion, increased immunity and release weight we no longer need. We’re generally feeling calm, peace and ease.

As emotional eaters…

As emotional eaters, we don’t have that calm, ease and peace. Most of the time, we are stressing about food, obsessing about food, obsessing about our body, micromanaging our hunger, moods and emotions with food. We are in a dysregulated nervous system. We are in the fight or flight state most of the time.

This doesn’t help our emotional eating pattern. AND It’s not the reason for our emotional eating. It’s a symptom of our emotional eating pattern. If we go back to the root, this started in childhood.

I want to share with you how these symptoms are related to your emotional eating pattern. When our bodies are in a stress state, it leads to all of these symptoms in the body.

But as an emotional eater (if you are where most of my clients) you’ve been dieting, doing all the exercise plans, therapy, maybe prescriptions and surgeries.

While there’s a place for some of the information in each of these things, it is not getting into the deeper root of your pattern and giving you a new way forward. 

You need a holistic approach in order to resolve your Emotional Eating. When you have one piece of the puzzle and another piece, it doesn’t actually create that shift that you need. You’re not looking at all layers and addressing the deeper roots.

What I share with clients is to look at this pattern in three key areas, which is around our relationship to food, our relationship to our body, and our relationship to our emotions, because they are involved in this pattern. 

They all get scrambled and condensed together. 

Check out the video for more on:

  • How our relationship to food causes symptoms (it’s not what you think)
  • The foods we choose, the impacts on digestion and inflammation. 
  • What is needed to shift this pattern around food to resolve these physical symptoms
  • How Body Shame creates these physical symptoms
  • Some steps to start shifting shame and punishment to resolve physical symptoms
  • How trapped emotions impact your on a physiological level
  • What is needed to truly shift these trapped emotions (traumas) and how to meet our true needs, and shift physical symptoms


If this is resonating for you and you are ready to start resolving your emotional eating from the root, if you can finally feel confident in your body and around food, I would love to invite you to find out more about The Emotional Eating Evolution Program. This is a 12 week transformational container, with a step by step process. We dive into the areas around food, your body, and your emotions and shift them so that you can start feeling and resolving your emotional eating from the root and seeing that ease, peace and confidence in your body and a relief in a lot of symptoms around digestion and mood. Find out more HERE. 

To ease, peace and confidence


Certified Holistic Nutritionist Specializing in Emotional Eating